5 Tips for Planning a Surprise Proposal Shoot

First comes love, then comes marriage, but between that comes the proposal! Getting engaged is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking moments in your life. While most people think of the wedding as the bride’s day, the proposal is all about the groom. The proposal is one of the key wedding moments, so it’s not a surprise that many people want a wedding photographer on hand to capture it! If you’re looking to plan a surprise proposal shoot, here are a few tips to make it go smoothly and to get some beautiful photos!


Find Your Photographer First

It’s important to hire a photographer before moving on to any other planning. They’ll be your number one resource in planning your proposal. A good engagement photographer will be able to give you location suggestions (if you don’t already have a special one planned), recommend the best time, and guide you on where to stand and kneel for the best photos!


Do a Walkthrough

Most people want to propose in a place that has special meaning to them. Maybe it’s the spot where they first met, or maybe it’s something related to a shared hobby like hiking. Your photographer can suggest locations, but ultimately it’s up to you! After picking the spot though, be sure to arrange a time to do a walkthrough with your photographer. That way they can get a lay of the land. Things like lighting, where the groom kneels to propose, and where the photographer will be hiding, all need to be taken into consideration.


Remember Where to Stand

There is a lot of pressure for photographers to capture a proposal. We have to be able to capture you kneeling, the ring, and the bride’s reaction. That means that the proposal needs to happen in the perfect spot. This will be determined during the walkthrough, but it’s important that you remember where to stand, or actually, where to kneel! Try to find a marker, or even put a discrete one yourself, so that you don’t miss your mark.


Determine a Signal

Much like the first kiss, the moment you propose only happens once. Your photographer will be snapping photos in the moments leading up, but it’s a good idea to come up with some signal so that they know exactly when you’re going to get down on one knee. Something sweet like hugging your bride-to-be before it happens is a great one!


Dress Appropriately

No one wants to have one of their biggest life moments happen when they’re not looking their best. Getting your bride-to-be to doll up without giving away the proposal can be hard, but do your best to ensure you’re both looking photo-ready. That doesn’t mean you need to be all decked out, but be sure you’re both looking put together and in photo-ready outfits. After the proposal, you may also want to have a mini-engagement session, so consider and discuss that with your engagement photographer as well!


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