5 Groom Getting Ready Shots to Capture

While most of the attention at the wedding goes to the bride, the groom plays an equally big role. There tends to be less time spent getting ready for the groom, but those hours leading up to the ceremony can be nerve-wracking. Wedding photographers will spend a bit more time capturing some key getting ready shots for the bride, but we’ll also be sure to shoot some groom getting ready shots as well!



The bride has her dress, and the groom has his tux. Although the groom’s tux doesn’t have as significant as a role, it’s still an important element to the day. Many grooms add special touches to their tuxes to commemorate the special day such as monogramming it, adding the wedding day, or other personal touches. Putting on the tux can also be an emotional moment. Many grooms have their parents help them, which tends to bring out some emotions that our wedding photographers love to capture.




While it’s often joked that women love shoes, men do as well! Groom’s often put a lot of thought into what shoes they’ll wear on their wedding day. Some even add special features to their shoes such as a sweet message, their names or initials, or the wedding date.


5 Groom Getting Ready Shots to Capture- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers



Most people don’t realize, but grooms typically have even more accessories than brides on the wedding day. In addition to their tuxes and shoes, they need cuff links, a tie or bowtie, a pocket square, socks, watches and more! These little touches bring the entire groom look together, and many contain special touches to match the theme or honor the day, which is why our wedding photographers always make an effort to capture these!




Men don’t typically wear engagement rings, which is why the wedding ring is almost more significant for them. For many men, it’s the only piece of jewelry they wear consistently. A wedding ring is for life, so it’s important to capture a few photos of it! Our wedding photographers love to capture the groom’s ring alongside the bride’s engagement and wedding band to symbolize the two coming together.


5 Groom Getting Ready Shots to Capture- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers



The hours leading up to the ceremony can be stressful and nerve-wracking, but they can also be a lot of fun! Groomsmen usually do a good job keeping the groom calm and cheerful, and we love to capture that energy. Whether it’s silly games, tossing back a few drinks, or just laughing while getting ready, capture the fun moments while getting ready is important!


5 Groom Getting Ready Shots to Capture- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers


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