Wedding Tradition Breakdown: The Bouquet Toss

There are tons of wedding traditions out there, and one of the most unusual ones is the bridal bouquet toss. Traditionally at the wedding reception, all of the unmarried women will gather around the bride who tosses her bouquet into the crowd. It’s said whoever catches it is the next to get married. This tradition might be a bit silly, but it makes for some great wedding photos! It’s a tradition that has stuck around, but where did it come from and what’s the significance?



This tradition is said to have started in England a couple of hundred years ago. Back then it was considered good luck to touch the bride on her wedding day. Some guests would even try ripping off pieces of the bridal gown in order to capture some of that luck! In order to deter handsy guests from invading the bride’s privacy, the bride would toss her bouquet into the crowd and make a break for it.


Significant Meaning

The bouquet toss was historically a distraction to keep guests from tearing at the bride. It was believed that whoever caught the bouquet would get some of the bride’s good luck. That ultimately transformed into the idea that whoever caught the flowers would be fortunate enough to be the next one married!



There isn’t some deep meaning to the bridal toss. It was just a tactic for a quick getaway! The history of this tradition actually highlights how silly it is, but thankfully these days most people recognize that and don’t take it too seriously. These days many couples are opting to skip the bouquet and garter toss, but some still relish in the joy of this silly tradition. While this tradition is defiantly one of the more ridiculous ones, our wedding photographers love capturing the chaos and fun that comes from it!


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