AGI Studio Wins PWPC Summer 2018 Contest

Every season the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada hosts a wedding contest. There are a number of categories such as Bride and Groom Portraits and Engagement Portraits. This year we had a number of our wedding photographers here at AGI Studio win the PWPC Summer 2018 Contest for these categories!



Our Toronto wedding photographer Polk Liang came in second place overall for the PWPC Contest! Polk won the best photograph in the Reception, Bridal Party portrait, and Kids categories! In the Bridal Party category, Polk also had the 3rd, 5th, and 11th best photographs overall. Polk also won 3rd in the Kids category.


Polk also placed 3rd in the Bride and Groom Portraits, 10th and 14th in the Engagement Portraits, 11th in Getting Ready Portraits, 8th in Wedding Details, 7th and 12th in Humor, 2nd in Wedding Dress, and 6th and 10th place in the Reflection category!


Two of our other wonderful wedding photographers, John Lin and Yi Lin also placed overall. Yi came in 14th place and John in 15th! Our photographer Roger Lou also placed 10th for Bridal Party Portraits.


Yi won 9th place in the Getting Ready category, 5th in Bridal Portrait, 6th in Bridal Party portrait, and 13th place in the Kids category! John won 2nd place overall for Engagement Portraits, 9th in Wedding Dress, and 11th for the Kids category!


All of our wedding photographers are extremely skilled and it’s an honor to receive recognition for their work. Feel free to check out our award-winning photographs or look at our past wedding and engagement photography.


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