5 Tips for Taking Wedding and Engagement Photos in the Fall

Summer is officially gone and Fall is upon us. Toronto has some beautiful autumn scenery that makes for stunning wedding photos. The rich reds, oranges, and golds of autumn leaves make the perfect backdrop for engagement and wedding photography. But Winter is approaching quickly, so if you want to capture the beauty of Fall here are a few tips to keep in mind!


1. Keep an eye on the light

Natural light is key for wedding photographers. It’s hard to predict when the leaves will change colors or what the temperature will be, but the sun is pretty predictable. During Fall though the days get shorter, meaning the sun will set sooner. It’s important to keep a close eye on the sun to make sure you don’t lose your light or miss out on the Golden Hour.


2. Make sure to dress appropriately

Whether you’re doing an engagement photo shoot or taking wedding photos, the whole experience will be far more enjoyable (and the pictures better) if the couple is dressed appropriately. Grab those boots and flannel before heading out! If the bride is wearing her dress make sure to have a jacket or blanket on hand to keep her warm in-between shoots.



3. Embrace or reject cliché images

There are a few cliché images or symbols that Fall photo shoots tend to use. Props like pumpkins, hay, or tossing leaves have been used before- but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it too! Just make sure you express to your Toronto wedding photographer ahead of time whether you’d like to be more creative, simple, or run with the fun images.


4. Think of clothing color choices

Fall is known for its rich warm colors. The greens of summer turn to yellow, red, and orange. The color of the couple’s clothing is key to getting a nice shot. A white dress can provide a stunning contrast against the Earthy tones while a dark green or brown can lean into the other natural colors.



5. Don’t be limited to nature

When most people think fall they think of nature. The urban landscape of Toronto can be stunning during this season too though. Don’t feel like you have to trek out into nature to get good shots. The leaves in the city change too!


Final Thoughts

Fall might be short-lived in Canada, but it is one of our wedding photographer’s favorite seasons to shoot in. The warm colors feel cozy and romantic, the perfect vibe to get a couple excited about their upcoming wedding. Contact us to discuss how we can capture some beautiful autumn engagement or wedding photos!

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