What to Look for in a Toronto Wedding Videographer

Weddings are some of the most special and memorial moments a person’s life. Couples spend money and time into planning the perfect day, so it only makes sense to put in effort into capturing it all unfold too. Wedding photographers are amazing at capturing all the special moments of the big day. But while a photo can capture a moment, a wedding video can capture the story unfold. Picking the right wedding videographer isn’t always easy though so here are some things to look for before hiring one.


How Much Experience They Have

Experience isn’t everything, but the longer a wedding cinematographer has worked in the industry the better they usually are. Through experience a videographer learns which moments to be sure to capture, the best angles, the ideal locations and so much more. Don’t base the entire decision on experience, but do weigh it in the balance.


Whether They’re Style Matches Yours

Wedding videos come in a number of different styles depending on who’s shooting it. It’s important to make sure you like the style of the videographer you choose. Ask to see some examples of their past work to better help form your decision.


How Well They Work With the Photographer

Both wedding photographers and wedding videographers work to capture the magic of your wedding day. Since the two work in tandem, it’s important that they work well together. Luckily, here at AGI our Toronto wedding cinematographers and photographers love working together and have experience doing so.


Whether They’re Organized

If you’ve planned a wedding then you understand how important it is to be organized. The same thing goes for wedding videographers. Make sure you hire one that keeps track of all of the info you discussed, shares a timeline and schedule, and arrives on time! Dealing with a disorganized videographer is additional stress you do not need on the day.


How Recommended They Are

One of the best ways to find a great Toronto wedding videographer is to ask friends and family. Online reviews are also a good way to judge how happy people were with the videographers work. Doing a little homework ahead of time ensures that you’re hiring someone that other’s have been happy with, which means you’ll likely be happy too!


Whether You Like Them or Not

A wedding videographer captures some pretty intimate moments. Having someone be that closely involved in your big day means you should probably like them. Don’t underestimate the importance of how comfortable you feel around them. A videographer may produce beautiful work, but if you don’t like them the experience will not be a pleasant one.

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