Turnaround Times for Toronto Wedding Photos

The question our Toronto wedding photographers get asked the most by couples is, “how long until we get our wedding photos?” We understand the desire to get them as soon as possible. Wedding photographs allow the couple to relive their special day. It also means they can finally share the intimate moments with those that couldn’t make it.


At AGI, our wedding photographers make sure to balance dedicating time to edit and getting them out quickly. On average, it takes about 8-10 weeks from the wedding day. This timeline depends on a few factors though. During peak wedding season it may take longer as our photographers are busier. In the slower times, we have more free time to edit! The amount of photos also impacts how long it takes to select and edit them.


The good news is that we always work hard to meet our deadlines. Often we even deliver them sooner than expected! We know that newlyweds eagerly await these special photos so we deliver them as soon as possible!


If you’re just dying to see the photos, don’t worry! We provide a sneak peek of the photos within a week of the wedding. This sneak peek includes a few key shots that you can admire and share before you receive the whole album of them.


When you receive your wedding photos they’ll already be beautifully edited so you can go right ahead and post them on Instagram, send them to family, and hang them in your home! If you have any specific editing requests just let your photographer know!


Feel free to look at some of our past Toronto wedding shoots to see our work!


Contact us with any questions or if you would like our wonderful photographers to capture your special day!

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