What’s the Difference Between Pre-Wedding and Engagement Photography?


You may have noticed that many Toronto wedding photographers offer different types of shoots. Two that often confuse people are pre-wedding and engagement shoots. So what exactly are the differences between the two? Both take place before the actual wedding day but they have completely different purposes and styles.


Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are a great way for a couple to announce their new relationship status to the world. Many couples use their engagement photos to announce their engagement or for their save-the-date announcements.


Engagement photography is usually more laid back and casual. The couple is typically in everyday clothing as opposed to their wedding attire. Engagement shoots can happen anywhere, but relaxing intimate settings work best, like parks, at home, or someplace special to the couple. This type of photography is meant to capture the love and excitement between the soon to be newlyweds. It’s a more intimate and informal style of photoshoot.


What’s the Difference Between Pre-Wedding and Engagement Photography?- AGI Studio Toronto Wedding Photographers


Pre-Wedding Photos

Pre-wedding photos happen before the actual wedding day, however, the couple is dressed up in their wedding attire. Some brides that do not want to spoil the wedding dress reveal will wear another formal gown or a second wedding dress.


These photos are great because it means the wedding photographer can capture more photos solely of the couple. On the wedding day, many couples like to get group shots or photos of just the guests. This can mean that in the end there are no as many solo shots of the couple as one would like. Pre-wedding photos are more formal than engagement shoots. They don’t always happen at the wedding location but they can. Pre-wedding photography is also more stylized and artistic than traditional wedding photos, which means you get some truly stunning shots that just aren’t possible to get on the bustling wedding day.


What’s the Difference Between Pre-Wedding and Engagement Photography?- AGI Studio Toronto Wedding Photographers


Final Thoughts

People often get pre-wedding and engagement photos confused because both take place before the wedding day. However, both serve different purposes and have different styles. Engagement photos are more casual and are typically used to announce the couple’s intention to marry, whereas pre-wedding photographs are more formal and feature the couple in their wedding attire.


Both types of wedding photography capture the love and commitment between the happy couple. They capture the beauty and excitement leading up to the big event. Contact us to learn more from our Toronto wedding photographers or take a look at our past shoots!

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