Guide to Bridal Portrait Photoshoots

So many women have dreamed about their wedding since they were little girls, especially when it comes to their dress and how they look. On the day of the wedding, it can be stressful, especially when it comes to making sure your wedding photographer captures everything. If you’re worried about getting the perfect shots of yourself in your bridal glory, you should consider a bridal portrait photoshoot. Here is everything you need to know about them according to our Toronto wedding photographers.


What is a bridal portrait photoshoot?

A bridal portrait photoshoot is a session that involves the bride getting dolled up in her full bridal look, including the dress, hair, and makeup, before the big day. Think of it as a pre-wedding photo shoot, but just for the bride. These are usually fashion-style shoots, with the bride posing against minimalistic backdrops so that the bridal look is the focus.



When should you do a bridal portrait shoot?

Most wedding photographers suggest doing bridal portraits a month or two before the wedding. This gives you time to really nail down your bridal look and allows you time to clean or mend your dress if anything happens during the shoot.



What are the advantages of bridal portrait photoshoots?

There are a few bid advantages of doing a bridal portrait photoshoot. First, it allows you to get comfortable with your wedding photographer. This means that you’ll be more natural and at ease on your big day, which will translate into better wedding pictures. Second, it gives you a chance to test out your bridal look. Maybe you find out that you want to change your make-up a bit or the shoes you picked are too uncomfortable. You’ll want to look almost identical to how you will on your wedding day, so try not to make any massive changes. And third, a bridal portrait shoot gives you a chance to take all the pictures you want of your stunning bridal look without the pressure and time crunch that you’ll have on the wedding day.



Who should you invite to a bridal portrait shoot?

Other than you and your wedding photographer, it’s up to you who you invite. Some people bring along their hairstylist and makeup artist for any touch-ups. Others ask a few close friends or relatives (like your bridesmaids and mother) to cheer them on.



Where should you do your bridal portraits?

There are lots of options for bridal portrait locations. They can be taken in a studio or at another location. If you want your bridal portraits to blend with your wedding photos, consider booking your wedding venue for an hour or so for the photoshoot.



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