Do’s and Don’ts for Wedding Music

Picking wedding music is no easy feat. Curating the soundtrack to one of the most important days in your life can be pretty difficult. Not only do you have to find the perfect track for key moments, like the first dance and father-daughter dance, but you also need to find jams for people to dance to and enjoy while eating. Luckily, our wedding photographers have been to a lot of weddings so here are some helpful do’s and don’ts to guide you in selecting the perfect wedding playlist.


Do Keep Key Moments in Mind

There are certain key moments on your wedding day that will need a special track to go with it. These important tunes will be closely tied to your wedding day forever so select them carefully. Some key moments that will need special songs include your reception entrance, first dance, and parent-child dance. These songs can either be something sentimental, ones you like, or just ones that fit the moment well.



Don’t Pick Out All Music Yourself

Even if you’re a pro at making playlists, you should still reach out to your friends and family for help. Many people even include a song suggestion portion on their RSVP cards to get ideas of what their guests want to listen to. Crowdsourcing ideas from those that are closest to you and will be attending not only takes some of the stress off you but also ensures there will be a few songs for everyone.



Do Run Playlist by DJ/Musicians

Whenever you have your final playlist be sure to run it by your DJ or musicians. They’re the professionals, so they’ll notice if there are any songs they think might not work. DJs may have song and sequence suggestions, and musicians might have a few other recommendations that they know are hits. You’re not only hiring these people for their musical talents, but also for their wedding experience so you should listen to them as they’ll know how to keep the evening flowing and guests on the dance floor.



Don’t Forget to Cater to Everyone

The wedding day might be about the bride and groom, but you still want your guests to feel welcome and have fun. After all, guests are spending time and money to celebrate your big milestone. Make sure you have a few songs for everyone. Your grandmother might not want to dance to Top 40 Pop songs, so maybe toss in a few classic songs. If you’re having kids, also be sure that the music isn’t too explicit, and maybe toss in a few kid-geared songs they can jam too.



Do Add More Songs

You definitely don’t want to make the mistake of making your playlist too short. Nothing will kill the mood at your reception fast than running out of songs. Make your playlist longer than you think you need. It’s always better to have extra songs than run out! If you’re using a DJ, you can also let them know what type of music you like so they can supplement with similar songs if you start to run low.



Don’t Skip Soundcheck

Before the ceremony starts, make sure your wedding DJ or musicians do a soundcheck. Different venues handle noise differently, and you don’t want them fiddling around with their equipment once the day’s events start. Soundcheck will also be important for speeches and toasts. Also, be sure that you don’t play the music too loud or too quiet once things start. You want guests to hear the songs, but don’t want them to have to shout to hear each other.



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