Wedding Tradition Breakdown: Carrying Bride Across Threshold

There’s something iconic about the image of a dapper groom carrying his new bride over the threshold into their new home together. While many newlywed couples don’t follow this tradition anymore, it’s still a popular idea media promotes. Like many other wedding traditions, this one is steeped in superstition.  But where exactly did this tradition of carrying brides come from and what did it mean? Our wedding photographers break it down for you.



This tradition originally comes from Ancient Roman times, where the threshold of the home was believed to house evil spirits hoping to curse the couple in a last-ditch effort. Brides at this time were thought to be especially susceptible through the soles of their feet, so grooms carried them to ensure the spirits didn’t enter.


Carrying the bride across the threshold is also tied to when brides were “kidnapped”. The groom was meant to capture the bride to show his worthiness, and the bride was meant to put up a playful fight to show her resistance to leave home.



Carrying the bride across the threshold is mainly tied to bad luck and spirits. In addition to the ancient Roman origins, in Western Europe, it’s believed that brides who trip over the threshold bring back luck into her home and marriage. Therefore, the groom crying the bride into a home is a good way to avoid this.


This tradition is also linked to purity. Back in the old days, it was considered scandalous for women to show enthusiasm about their wedding night. Having the groom carry her allowed the bride to avoid looking too eager to consummate the marriage.



This tradition has gone out of style these days. It doesn’t really apply to same-sex couples, and many couples are exhausted after their wedding day. Some brides are also fearful of their new husband accidentally tearing their wedding dress, and grooms may be worried about hurting themselves or their bride when carrying them.


While this tradition has gone out of favor, it’s still an iconic one that we’ve grown up seeing in romantic comedies and old movies. These days most couples that do it are in it for the fun than superstition.


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