Guide to Outdoor Wedding Venue Styles

There’s something so romantic and beautiful about outdoor weddings. You’re guaranteed a gorgeous backdrop and breathtaking views. Nature also provides some built-in floral arrangements. Outside also typically means you can host more people and have more room to move around. There’s more than one type of outdoor wedding venue in Ontario though. Our wedding photographers at AGI Studio are here to explain all these styles to you.



If you love flowers and want a romantic wedding, a garden wedding venue is the way to go. You’ll get built-in floral arrangements, at no extra cost, and the scenery will take care of the décor for you. Garden weddings tend to be a bit smaller, but they really let you take advantage of your surroundings.


Toronto Garden Wedding Venues: Toronto Botanical Gardens and Allen Gardens Conservatory



Want something a touch woodsier? Consider a forest wedding venue! You’ll have to travel a bit outside of downtown Toronto, but there are tons of amazing forest spots for a whimsical, earthy wedding not far. Just make sure you prepare for things like bugs and the weather.


Toronto Forest Wedding Venues: Kortright Centre



Golf & Country Clubs

If you’re looking for a more upscale, formal wedding, consider a golf or country club wedding venue. Country clubs tend to boast beautifully landscaped lawns and tasty onsite catering. They are also used to servicing large amounts of guests, so service will be top-notch. They tend to be popular, especially in the warmer months, so book ahead of time.


Toronto Country Club Wedding Venues: Bayview Golf and Country Club, Scarboro Golf and Country Club, Cooper Creek Gold Club & The Boulevard Club




Farm wedding venues have grown in popularity over the past few years. The rustic charm compliments weddings so well. Farm venues also work great in the Fall time when leaves change colors. This style of venue can either have a barn or farmhouse or be out in the open.


Toronto Farm Wedding Venues:  Cambium Farms, Cadogan Farm Estates, Fermanagh Farms, & Cranberry Creek




Looking for something more intimate and low-key? Consider a backyard wedding! Backyard weddings have become hugely popular recently due to COVID-19 restrictions. Many people also opt for them to cut down on large guest lists or reduce wedding costs. This style of an outdoor wedding is perfect for smaller, casual, intimate events.




If having good alcohol at your wedding is on the top of your wedding-wish list, consider visiting one of Ontario’s local wineries! Winery venues are perfect for weddings and often come with amazing wine packages. They’re also stunning! You’ll probably have to travel to the Niagara region, but it will be worth it.


Toronto Winery Wedding Venues: Willow Springs Winery, Holland March Wineries, & Hernder Estates Wines



Patio & Rooftop

One of the great things about Toronto is that there are tons of amazing rooftops and patios. These venues can be more modern or traditional, depending on what style you go for. The best part is that many of them boast stunning views of the city.


Toronto Rooftop Wedding Venues: One King West, Malaparte, & The Globe and Mail Centre




Parks aren’t just for picnics and playgrounds. They also make for great wedding venues! Toronto has tons of beautiful parks that are perfect for your wedding. They’re more casual than country club venues, but not as whimsical as gardens or forests.


Toronto Park Wedding Venues: The Carvers Cottage, Old Mill Toronto, & Guildwood Park.



Beach & Boat

If you love the water and laid-back vibes, a beach or boat wedding venue should be on your list. Beaches in Toronto don’t have the same tropical vibes as Hawaii or Bora Bora, but they can still be just as stunning.


Toronto Beach Wedding Venues: Palais Royale, City Cruises Toronto, Cruise Toronto, & Airshipe37 Event Venue



Need a photographer to capture your special day? Contact AGI Studio today! Our team of experienced, award-winning wedding photographers would love to shoot your big day, whether your event is outdoors or inside!

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