7 Ways to Honor Your Parents at Your Wedding

The wedding day is one of the most special days in the couple getting marrieds life, but it’s also a huge milestone for the parents of the bride and groom as well. Your parents have been your support system throughout your life, and if you feel they deserve recognition for their love and support here are a few fun ideas from our wedding photographers at AGI Studio on how you can honor them.


Include Parents in Pictures

One thing our wedding photographers always encourage couples that have good relationships with their parents is to include them in the photos. Even if your mom and dad aren’t a part of the wedding party, they’re still integral in your life. Weddings are a great time to take new family photos, so consider snapping a few photos with them.



Do a Parent’s First Look

One unique idea our photographers have done a few times is the first look- but not with the groom! Seeing the bride in her gown can be just as emotional for her mother and father as it is for her husband to be. Consider doing a special first look just for your father or both parents before walking down the aisle.



Give Them a Personalized Gift

Personalized wedding day gifts have become common for bridal parties or even between the bride and groom. If you want your parents to feel special, consider gifting them something as well. It could be related to your favorite memory of them, something they’ve always wanted, or even a heartfelt letter.



Wear a Family Heirloom

Has there been a piece of jewelry or clothing that’s been in the family for generations? Or maybe a long-standing family wedding tradition? Consider incorporating that into your wedding day! It’s a great way to honor your family and you can be creative in it!



Plan a Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance

Including a special dance between the bride and her father and the groom and his mother is a great way to have a special moment with them. Traditionally these are done to slow songs, but you can do something fun as well or even create a choreographed dance.



Ask Them to Give a Speech

Traditionally, the father of the bride would give a toast thanking everyone for coming as they historically footed the bill. These days, many couples pay for their own wedding but that doesn’t mean this tradition has to die. Your parents probably have a lot to say so give them a chance to shower you in their praise on your special day by letting them make a toast or speech.



Display Childhood Pictures

The wedding day is just one key moment in the journey of life. Take a trip down memory lane on your special day by displaying childhood photos as decorations. TI’s a great way to personalize your wedding and guests will love to see you throughout the years. You can even include childhood snaps and memories in your wedding video!



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