What is a Sand Ceremony?

Are you looking to make your wedding ceremony extra special? Go beyond the traditional wedding vows, ring exchange, and adorable first kiss and toss in a sand ceremony. Sand ceremonies are the perfect way to show the union of two people and two families. Not sure what a sand ceremony is? Our Toronto wedding photographers are here to explain!


What is a Sand Ceremony?

A sand ceremony might sound a little weird at first, but you won’t be making a sandcastle or writing your names in the sand. A sand ceremony is just the symbolic union between two lives- represented by mixing sand together. Each partner will take a glass filled with sand and pour them into a third, a more decorative vase that they can keep forever. Sand ceremonies usually use colored sand to represent each partner.


What does a Sand Ceremony mean?

A sand ceremony has basic symbolism- it represents the union of two partners, bonding them forever. Each color of the sand represents each partner, and as they mix, they become one. It’s a similar sentiment as a Unity Candle Ceremony. Pretty adorable, right? It’s a simple ceremony that gives you a physical reminder you can have in your new home!


Who participates in the Sand Ceremony?

Sand ceremonies can involve more than just the couple getting married. Some people opt to have their parents involved to represent the larger families coming together. Many people who already have children often have them participate in sand ceremonies as well to symbolize the blending of two families. There are no real rules about who can be involved, so it’s totally up to you!


What do you need for a Sand Ceremony?

The great thing about a sand ceremony is that it doesn’t take a ton of props. All you need are two or more different colors of sand and a few glass containers! You can find all of this at a local craft store so it’s easy to fit it in the budget.


When does a Sand Ceremony happen?

There are no real rules around sand ceremonies. Most people try to fit it in during the ceremony portion near the end. However, it can also be done during the reception if you aren’t able to fit it in during the ceremony or want everyone to see it. It’s entirely up to you!


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