6 Tips for Making a Wedding Slideshow

Wedding slideshows are a great way to share your love story with guests at the reception. You can either ask guests to watch and make it a featured moment or just have it running in the background as entertainment while guests eat. Either way, it’s an easy sentimental touch to your wedding reception.  Here are a few tips from our wedding photographers on how to make a great wedding slideshow.


Choose Quality Over Quantity

Make your slideshow stand out by only using the best photos of you and your significant other. That means skipping saved Snapchat, pixelated Instagram shots, and blurry pictures from your relative that just used how to use their camera. Slideshows are a great chance to reshare your favorite engagement and pre-wedding photos as well!


Add Videos In

Break up the videos by adding a few of your favorite clips in! It’s best to keep the videos short, around 10-20 seconds. Add in sweet videos of your past vacations, dates, or even the proposal if you caught it on video. You can even ask your family and friends to send in short clips wishing you well.


Pair it with Music

The perfect music can make the most mundane picture sweet. Maybe use your favorite song, or a song that means something to your relationship but didn’t quite make the cut for your first dance.


Find the Perfect Length

If you’re showcasing your slideshow, make sure that it isn’t too long. As much as people want to celebrate your love at your wedding, pictures of you and your significant other are only sweet for so long before they become boring. Guests aren’t there to watch an hour-long home video. If you’re going to have the slideshow playing in the background it can be a bit longer.


Go Back in Time

Your wedding slideshow doesn’t just have to include photos of you and your partner. Toss in a few throwback shots of your two as kids or with your family to include them on your special day. After all, your friends and family are part of your love story.


Ask the Pros

Not sure what to do with a wedding slideshow? Ask your wedding photographer and videographer! They can give you tips or even put a professional version together. Sometimes a wedding slideshow or video is even included in your wedding package so feel free to ask.


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