What is a Unity Candle Ceremony?

Did you know that the wedding ceremony can be as customized as the wedding reception? Many people think that there is one formula they have to stick to when it comes to the ceremony portion of a wedding. The truth is that there are tons of different ways you can tailor it to your liking!


One way to add a special touch to your wedding is to include a unity candle ceremony. They’ve become more popular recently, and our wedding photographers love capturing this simple and quick ceremony.


Here is everything you need to know about adding a unity candle ceremony to your Toronto wedding!


What is a Unity Candle Ceremony?- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers


What is a unity candle ceremony?

A unity candle ceremony is a relatively new wedding tradition that symbolizes the joining of two families with the lighting of a candle.


At some point in the wedding ceremony, usually closer to the end, the officiate will quickly explain the unity candle ceremony meaning. The bride and groom then each light a taper candle, and then use their individual candles to light a larger candle together. That new flame represents the unity of two partners. The ceremony ends when each partner blows out the other’s taper candle, symbolizing the end of their unmarried life.


Who participates in the unity candle ceremony?

The great thing about unity candle ceremonies is that they can include whoever you want. While they always include the bride and groom, many people use this special ceremony as a way of honoring their parents and families. The bride and groom’s parents may start by lighting their own taper candles. The bride and groom would then light their own taper candle from their parents before lighting the main candle. Or sometimes people as their parents, children, or close loved ones to join them in lighting the main candle, which represents how these people have helped them get to this point. The great thing about a unity candle ceremony is that it can be customized however you want!


What’s needed for a unity candle ceremony?

The good thing about a unity candle ceremony is that it’s relatively simple and doesn’t need many items. A basic ceremony would require two taper candles and one main candle. You also need something to light the candles with.


While the candles are obviously important to this ceremony, it’s also vital that you get permission ahead of time. Not all wedding venues allow candles or fire, so be sure to run this by the venue or your wedding coordinator ahead of time. If you’re including a unity candle ceremony be sure to give your wedding photographer a heads up so that they can be ready to capture this special moment!


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