Pros and Cons of a Morning Wedding

Most people don’t even question what time of day they’re going to get married. The evening is the most popular time for wedding ceremonies, with the reception held at night. However, there was a time in history when weddings were held in the morning and followed by a wedding breakfast. While that is certainly not popular these days, some people do opt for a morning wedding. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of a morning wedding? Our wedding photographers break it down.


Pros of a Morning Wedding


Pro 1: Cheaper Rates

We don’t need to tell you that weddings are expensive! That’s why hosting a wedding brunch or morning wedding is so appealing to people. Morning weddings are often cheaper than weddings held in the afternoons and evenings. The reason why is that there is less demand at these times so vendors are willing to give better rates. However, this isn’t true for everything. Some vendors may have to charge you more because it means that staff and products have to be delivered earlier.


Pro 2: More Availability

Wedding venues and vendors book up fast. By hosting your wedding at a non-common time though you’ll notice that more availability opens up. Venues are probably booked up months if not years in advance for afternoon and evening weddings, but most have morning slots available. A bonus is that you probably rushed out of the venue as quickly either since they don’t have to close for the night.


Pro 3: Unique Food Options

Food is so important at wedding receptions and is usually one of the things guests remember most. While there are tons of great wedding reception food options, they can get a bit boring after a while. Hosting a brunch opens up the door to providing yummy breakfast food. Guests will love a waffle bar, delicious pastries, or freshly made omelets!


Cons of a Morning Wedding


Con 1: Non-Party Vibe

Wedding ceremonies tend to be formal and more serious, but once the reception hits guests and the happy couple can relax and party! Morning weddings don’t usually bring that type of party energy though. It will be hard to convince people to hit the dance floor that early. Guests may also be tired from having to wake up early to get ready and make it on time.


Con 2: Guests Won’t Be Used to it

The reality is that despite a lot of pros to morning weddings they’re just not what guests expect. Wedding guests often count on evening weddings. It means they can fly in the night before without having to worry about missing it. Some guests may even rely on the morning of the event to travel. If you host your wedding at an unusual time, expect that not all of them can make it. Some may even be vocally unhappy about it, especially if they’re not morning people!


Con 3: Less Time

A common complaint people have about their wedding is that there wasn’t enough time to spend with their guests. That time is typically cut even shorter for morning weddings. Guests will tend to leave earlier to take advantage of the rest of the day. The bride and groom’s getting ready time is also cut short. Brides already wake up super early to get ready for evening weddings, so just imagine how early they have to be up for a morning event!


No matter what time of day you have your special day, AGI would love to be there to photograph it! Contact us today if you’re interested in booking one of our amazing wedding photographers!

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