Guide to Picking Wedding Reception Centerpieces

When it comes to creating a beautiful and cohesive wedding reception, centerpieces play a major role in setting the ambiance and establishing a theme. These eye-catching arrangements are not only the focal point of each table, but they also do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to the overall décor. As you start to plan your dream wedding, here are some things to consider when selecting your centerpieces.


Get Inspiration

There are so many options when it comes to wedding décor, including centerpieces. It can be

overwhelming trying to decide which direction to go. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, search for inspiration! Check out your wedding photographer’s past events to see which ones you like. Check out Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok. Ask your friends and family for ideas, or seek out the help of a professional wedding decorator!




Stay on Theme

Whether you’re going for a simple color pallet or a full-blown theme for your wedding, your centerpieces should align with the vision. A lot of venues have stipulations around what sort of changes and décor you can add to things like flooring, walls, and ceilings, which leaves your tablescapes to do a lot of the work in establishing the theme. If you’re going for a neutral, earthy color pallet, you want your centerpieces to reflect that rather than be bright and jarring. Similarly, if your theme is vintage and glam, going for a bold, modern centerpiece would just be out of place.



Consider Size and Scale

There is nothing more frustrating as a wedding guest than sitting at a table with an overly large centerpiece that dominates the space. Not only can oversized centerpieces make it hard to even do simple things like eat, but they can also prevent guests from mingling. You don’t want guests having to crane their next just to see who’s sitting across from them at the table.


Think About Budget

Weddings are expensive, especially in a large city like Toronto. When it comes to making your wedding budget, you’ll have to consider where to save and where to splurge. As important as centerpieces are, they’re only one small part of your wedding reception, and most guests won’t remember them after the event ends. It’s better to splurge on things like your bridal gown or wedding photographer and save on centerpieces. Instead of fresh flowers, you can go for faux, or instead of tall candles, you could do a mix of sizes.


Be Creative

As wedding photographers, we love to see fresh, unique centerpiece ideas. When people hear wedding reception centerpieces, they often picture flowers or candles. While these are the most popular choices, you can always get creative! If you’re going for a colorful summer vibe for your wedding, why not opt for a bowl of bright citrus fruit instead of the usual flowers?



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