How to Have the Perfect First Kiss Picture

The first kiss is one of the most remembered moments of any wedding. It’s when all of the romantic tension and build-up finally pay off. Capturing the first kiss is one of the most pressure-filled moments for any wedding photographer. They only have a few moments to capture such a monumental shot. If you want a beautiful first kiss photo that you can admire for years follow these easy tips from our wedding photographers.



Move Slowly

Even if you’ve kissed your SO a million times before, your first kiss as a married couple can make you nervous. Once your officiant signals it is time, lean into the kiss slowly. Not only will this allow your wedding photographer to capture multiple shots, but it will also prevent you from knocking teeth or missing each other.


Extend the Kiss

You only have one first kiss, and that’s a lot of pressure on the wedding photographer. A common mistake newlywed couples make is to do one quick peck. This means that the photographer has only a second to capture it, and even if they do it might not be flattering. Extend the kiss longer than you would normally to give your photographer more time to get a good shot.


Clear the Frame

Ask your officiant to step out of the frame for your first kiss. You can even have your maid of honor or best man gently pull the officiant to the side if they forget to move. This allows your photographer to just capture you and your SO. Also, keep in mind angles when going in. Make sure your hair, veil, and hands are free from each other’s face so that they don’t cover the shot.


Act Natural

The first kiss is important, but try not to stress! When people overthink, it can really ruin the shot. Just act natural. Feel free to place a hand on their arm or chest if that’s what you normally do. The best first kiss photos are ones where both people look happy and at ease.


Keep it PG

The first kiss is a romantic moment in your life but try to remember that you have a room full of people watching you. Keep the kiss PG to avoid grossing out your guests. No one wants to see two people full-on making out. Stick to a couple of pecks so that your grandmother doesn’t faint.



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