Lucky Wedding Colors from Around the World

Colors play such an important role in weddings. In North America, you’ll typically find brides rocking white gowns, but every culture has its own lucky wedding colors. Here is a quick guide to auspicious wedding colors from around the world!




At Chinese weddings, the colors red, gold (or yellow), and green are considered the luckiest. Red is the most favored color as it is thought to ward off evil, bring happiness, and bring good luck. You’ll find the colors red and gold all over at Chinese weddings. Most Chinese brides and grooms will wear red at some point during their wedding day. Modern Chinese brides often still wear a Western white dress for the ceremony but wear a traditional red Chinese dress for the tea ceremony and switch into a red dress for the reception.



In Japan, all colors except black are considered to be auspicious. However, red and white are considered the best for weddings. Along with decorations, wedding Kimonos in Japan are often made of these two colors. The combination of white and red is supposed to bring good luck to the new couple.



Israeli weddings have many strict policies, so couples have a lot to consider and plan before getting married. While they don’t favor any one color, blue is considered to be a sign of fidelity. Young brides will typically add something blue to their wedding look, kind of similar to how Western brides follow the “Something Old, Something New, Something Blue” traditional rhyme.



Scottish weddings are colorful affairs. This is due to the long tradition of wearing clan tartan (or plaid) to the wedding. Traditionally, only males were allowed to wear clan tartan, with each clan having its own particular pattern. These days that rule has gone away, and now both brides and grooms will wear tartan at Scottish weddings. There is no one auspicious color in Scotland, but they stay away from green, which is thought to attract faeries, and black, which signifies mourning.



Pakistan is particular when it comes to weddings, especially with colors. Modern Pakistani brides are open to trying different colors for their big day, but traditionally the most auspicious colors are red, green, and white. Overall, Pakistani weddings are colorful affairs!



Indian weddings are some of the most colorful events. While you’ll see different colors all around, yellow and red are considered the luckiest colors. Yellow signifies purity and red signifies fertility and prosperity. Those two colors are the most prominent at Indian weddings. Many Indian brides will wear these colors on their big day. If you attend as a guest, avoid wearing white or black as these aren’t considered appropriate colors.



At Korean weddings, vows are taken during the kunbere ceremony. While modern Korean couples often don a suit and white dress, they’re supposed to wear a traditional hanbok during this part. Hanboks are brightly colored, so expect to see lots of colors. Traditionally, the bride is supposed to wear a pink or purple hanbok, and the groom’s mother wears a blue one.



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