How to Pick an Indian Wedding Photographer

All wedding planning is equal parts stressful and exciting. But Indian weddings take all of that to the next level. These weddings are known for being vibrant, colorful, and energetic. Not to mention they are typically multi-day events. There are tons of decisions to make, and one of the big ones is finding the right wedding photographer. Due to how extensive Indian weddings are, finding the right photographer is important. Here are a few helpful tips for finding the perfect one!

Look at Their Past Experience

Indian weddings are unique events. Anyone who has been to one will tell you they are not like traditional Western weddings at all. They include many religious ceremonies, multiple outfits, dances, and more! It’s important that you hire a photographer that has experience photographing Indian and South Asian weddings before. That way they’ll already understand all of the additional cultural and logistical aspects of photographing these weddings!


How to Pick an Indian Wedding Photographer- AGI StudioHow to Pick an Indian Wedding Photographer- AGI Studio


Get to Know Their Personality

Getting photographed is a very intimate thing. Some people can become very shy and uncomfortable around the camera, which is why at AGI we always meet our clients and recommend doing an engagement shoot ahead of time to get to know one another. Before you hire a photographer for your Indian wedding, get to know them a bit. Will you be comfortable being photographed by this person on your wedding day? Will they cause any issues with family at the event? Do they understand the cultural aspects of Indian weddings?


How to Pick an Indian Wedding Photographer- AGI Studio


Ask About the Time

For most weddings, a photographer is only needed for a couple of hours. They might do a few getting ready shots, photograph the ceremony and reception, then leave. Indian weddings are much more complex and elaborate. They are multi-day events and include many ceremonies, rituals, and events. When looking for an Indian wedding photographer, make sure they have the time (and stamina) for everything involved.



If you’re looking for a photographer for your Indian wedding, contact AGI today! We have experience with Indian wedding photography and videography and would love to capture your special day.

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