South Asian weddings are known for being epic and elaborate events. These multiday celebrations are bursting with color and have many unique traditions. Everything about Indian weddings is over the top beautiful- the food, the décor, the outfits, and of course, the celebrating! Our Toronto wedding photographers love capturing these vibrant events, and have successfully photographed many of these cultural weddings before! Being a South Asian wedding photographer is no easy feat, and required lots of preparation, coordination, hard work, and experience. Luckily, our photographers are more than able to rise to the occasion and capture all of the precious moments at these weddings.

Hindu Wedding Photography

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Muslim Wedding Photography

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Sikh Wedding Photography

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Hindu wedding ceremonies are colorful affairs with many cultural rituals and traditions. Weddings are very important in the Hindu culture, and they can be multi-day events. From lighting the Sacred Fire to taking the Seven Steps, our wedding photographer will be sure to capture each special moment. After the ceremony is complete it’s time to celebrate! Hindu weddings are known for their bright décor, rich outfits, and of course, the dancing. It takes experience to capture all of these important moments, and our wedding photographers are up to the task.

Muslim Wedding Photographer

Marriage plays a crucial role in the Muslim community. In the Islamic culture, the purpose of marriage is to preserve the religion through the creation of family. Muslim weddings are beautiful and soulful events, with the most important ritual being the signing of the marriage contract that happens during the Nikah ceremony. As with other South Asian weddings, Muslim weddings are vibrant and rich events. Our wedding photographers would love to capture your special wedding day!

Sikh Wedding Photographer

Sikh wedding ceremonies, called Anand Karaj, means “joyful union”, and once you witness one it’s easy to understand why. Marriage is regarded as a sacred bond between man and women in the Sikh culture, with the bride and groom united in attaining worldly and spiritual joy. Sikh weddings include some singing of beautiful hymns as well. These wedding ceremonies are colorful and soulful. Our Toronto wedding photographers love when we get an opportunity to capture these stunning events!

Indian Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are the first step in announcing your love and commitment to your friends and family. Our photographer will be sure to capture your unique love story and personalities. We shoot in a variety of styles, whether it’s formal and romantic or casual and fun. You said yes to the ring, now say yes to stunning photos that capture your love.


What is your photography style ?

This is the most frequently asked question from our clients. AGI studio photographers come from a variety of backgrounds including fashion, commercial and fine arts. We are able to utilize different shooting techniques and experiences for different moments on your big day. For example, during the ceremony, the reception and when you are getting ready, etc., the emphasis is on capturing the delicate emotional moments. For shooting outdoor, we put the emphasis on the light, shadow, composition and provide detailed guidance for posing. For retouching, we pay attention to the tones and colors of the photo. Since we have taken a lot of Asian Pre-wedding photo sessions that require posing guidance, we are more experiences in guiding poses than other photographers or studios.

Why are engagement photos important and necessary?

Engagement photo sessions are something we think are important and encourage all couples to consider. Not only do these sessions provide you photos to announce your love to the world, they also provide a vital opportunity for your and the photographer to get comfortable working together before the big day. We’ll work with you to make sure we can find an affordable package that includes engagement photos and pleases everyone.

What are the turnaround for Engagement, Pre-Wedding, and Wedding Photos?

Engagement and pre-wedding photos are usually ready in about 4 weeks. Wedding photos take a little longer, requiring 8-10 weeks but we work hard to deliver them as soon as possible. We will provide you with sneak peeks of the photos a week after the wedding.

Are all of the photos edited when we receive them?

Yes, we make sure to select and edit all of the photos for the clients before delivering them. We also take specific editing requests for all pre-wedding and engagement photos.

What if clients have different expectations than the final retouched and edited photos? What are the remedies?

We encourage clients to look at our portfolio of work before hiring us to make sure our style matches what they’re looking for. Our photographer will discuss certain things beforehand such as whether they like black and white, or colored photos. If a client is unhappy with the final product we can discuss it and come to a solution.

Is the shooting time continuous or intermittent?

The shooting time is calculated without intermission. From the start of shooting to the end, including the movement time between locations.

Top Indian Wedding Photography Locations in Toronto

Ascott Parc Venue for Toronto Indian Wedding

Ascott Parc

Liberty Grand

Hindu Temple Society of Canada

Atlantis Pavillion

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