How to Wear a Wedding Ring Set

Getting married is an exciting time. Many people dream of the day their perfect person will slide a wedding ring onto their finger. Rings have been a symbol of love and commitment since ancient times, making them one of the oldest traditions in the world. But once you have both an engagement and wedding ring, you may be wondering how to stack them.


Traditionally in Canada, the wedding and engagement ring are worn on the left ring finger, with the wedding ring on the inside.


However, there are lots of different ways to wear them. Our wedding photographers break down the different ways you can stack your wedding ring sets.



Left Hand

Most people already know this, but wedding and engagement rings are traditionally worn on the left ring finger. This stems back to Ancient Egyptians, who believed there was a vein leading from the left finger to the heart. The left-handed ring-wearing custom is popular in Canada, the United States, the UK, Mexico, South Africa, and many Asian countries.


Right Hand

While most people in Canada wear their rings on their left hand, the right hand is also an option! The left hand has unwelcome connotations in some cultures, which is why people choose to wear it on their right. Wearing rings on the right hand is more common in places like Northern and Eastern European countries as well as India.


Wedding Ring First, Engagement Ring Next

Traditionally, the wedding and engagement ring are worn on the same finger, with the wedding ring going on first so that it’s symbolically closer to the heart. You may be reading this and wondering, “okay, so what do I do at the ceremony?” What a lot of brides do is remove their engagement ring altogether for the ceremony and keep it safe, or they switch it to their right hand. Not only does this make it easier to slide the new ring on, but from a photography perspective, it makes for nicer pictures to see the wedding band slide on.


Engagement Ring First, Wedding Ring Next

Another popular choice is to wear the rings the other way around. This means your engagement ring is first, then the wedding ring. This makes sense since this is the order you received the rings. The engagement is a promise, while the wedding is a commitment. Having the wedding ring on the outside can be a symbolic way of sealing the promise the engagement ring represents.


Opposite Hands

If you’re worried about wearing both your wedding and engagement rings together since they don’t match, don’t stress! Although not traditional, some people have started to wear one ring on the left hand, and the other on the right. Maybe you rock your engagement ring on your right ring finger, and your wedding band on your left hand. Or maybe you swap it! Don’t feel compelled to follow customs you don’t like just because.


However you decide to wear your wedding ring set, our Toronto photographers would love to capture your special day! Contact AGI Studio today to book one of our talented wedding videographers or photographers.



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