Last Minute Tips Before Walking Down the Aisle

The most anticipated moment of any wedding is the moment before the bride walks down the aisle. This is the moment before the wedding officially kicks off and the bustle begins. But before you get ready to walk towards your significant other, our wedding photographers recommend you do these few last minute things so that you’re good to go for the rest of the ceremony!


Makeup Check

Wedding makeup is often done hours before the ceremony even starts. Brides want to look perfect for photos taken beforehand. But make sure to check your makeup and do any touchups before you walk down. Put on a fresh coat of lipstick, powder away any shine, and make sure your mascara isn’t running.


Have a Drink

Weddings are stressful, and the body often reacts to nerves by making your mouth go dry. If you don’t want trouble choking out your vows, take a drink of water before you walk down the aisle. A quick shot of alcohol wouldn’t hurt either to calm your nerves if you need it!


Use the Bathroom

Our wedding photographers actually recommend brides use the bathroom before putting on their wedding dress, as the process gets a lot more complicated once it’s on. But try to use it again before you walk down the aisle to avoid any awkward shuffling during the ceremony. There won’t really be a chance to use it for a while afterward between pictures, welcoming guests, and kicking off the reception.


Put Down Your Phone

These days, we’re always on our phones. Lots of brides find themselves glued to theirs even more on their wedding day from answering last minute questions to calling to check on vendors. But before you walk down the aisle hand it off to someone and make sure it’s on silent! Nothing ruins a beautiful wedding like a phone ringing. If you want it during the reception have a trusted guest or family member hold it and bring it in for you.


Double Check Accessories

There are a few key accessories all brides will want to double check before they walk out. Make sure the veil is properly fastened and in place. Gather the bouquet and make sure it looks presentable and it in position. Also, be sure to check that the person in charge of the rings has them.


Take a Moment

Before you step out and become a wife, take a quick moment to gather yourself. Take in the moment and enjoy it! Let go of any stress or worry and enjoy the moment. Weddings are special days and everyone is there to celebrate the love you and your significant other have for one another!


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