7 Big Wedding Photography Don’ts to Avoid

Your wedding is a special day, one you’ll want to remember for years to come. A major way to capture these memories is through your wedding photos. A good wedding photographer will be sure to not just capture all the key moments of your wedding, but also the atmosphere of the day. While your photographer will help you get some great shots, here are some things that you should avoid doing when taking wedding photos!


Don’t Hire an Amateur

Did your cousin just get a cool new DSLR camera? Do you have a friend that does pet photography? Hiring them may sound like a great way to save a few bucks, but it’s not worth it. Wedding photography is a unique skill set, and if you want professional looking photos you need to hire a professional to take them! These pictures will hold some of your happiest memories, and you don’t want to risk them being blurry or out of frame.


Don’t Hire a Photography You Don’t Click With

Having your picture taken, especially in such a high-stress moment, is very intimate. Wedding photographers will be there for very personal moments such as your vows, getting ready, your first kiss and more. It’s important that you feel comfortable around them. Don’t feel pressure to hire someone that you don’t connect with. That’s why we recommend couples do an engagement photo session is to build a relationship with our wedding photographers before the big day!


Don’t Focus on the Camera

It’s easier said than done for some people, but try to ignore the camera. We understand that some people are camera shy, but don’t skip out on documenting your special day because of that. Our photographers can always take a different approach to help you feel comfortable in your wedding photos just let us know! The best way to relax though is to pretend that we’re not even there!


Don’t Over Pose

Sometimes people get in their head during wedding photos and end up over posing or with a strained, fake smile on their face. Our wedding photographers have found that people look their best and happiest when they’re enjoying the moment, not pretending to enjoy it. Our photographers will help you pose, but it’s important to keep everything as natural and relaxed as possible.


Don’t Forget to Make a Shot List

A shot list is a list of key photographs you want your wedding photographer to capture. These often include moments like the first kiss, the bride walking down the aisle, the first dance, etc. We recommend you not to stress too much about the shot list, our photographers are experienced and know the key shots to get. However, shot lists are really great if you want different combinations of people, or if there are any small moments you really want to be captured.


Don’t Over Control the Photographer

It can be hard for some couples, but you have to trust the people you hire to do their job. You hired them for a reason! Our wedding photographers are skilled and experienced. They know how to get beautiful shots that you will cherish for years. It can be hard to work in an overly controlled setting though, so try not to micromanage and let them do their job.


Don’t Keep Information from your Photographer

Wedding photographers don’t expect to know all of the inside drama that goes down before and during a wedding. However, they do need to be privy to certain things. If there is a surprise that’s going to happen during the wedding, be sure to give your photographer a heads up so they can capture it. If there is any family drama or unique family dynamics let us know so we don’t put people in awkward situations!


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