Toronto Featured Engagement Locations: Kensington Market

Toronto has no shortage of fun and beautiful locations. This can make selecting an engagement photography shoot location challenging. One of our photographers’ favorite spots to snapshots of the happy couple is Kensington Market.


Kensington Market is one of the most well-known areas in downtown Toronto. It features an eclectic mix of shops, cafes, restaurants, and attractions. It’s one of the top spots recommended to visitors and it’s easy to see why. The vibrant area is the perfect spot to take a weekend stroll through.


Toronto Featured Engagement Locations: Kensington Market- AGI Studios


Engagement photographs are typically more fun and relaxed than wedding photos. This makes Kensington Market with its fun and eclectic vibe a great location to shoot at. The pedestrian-only traffic and proximity to the city center make it an easy location to reach as well.


A feature element of Kensington Market is the brightly colored graffiti walls. The alleyways in the area are covered in stunning murals. Our engagement photographers find these are the perfect backdrops for photographs.


Another fun feature of the area is the art installations. There are multiple statues, plus the famous flower car. These all make for great locations and props to use during your engagement shoot!


Toronto Featured Engagement Locations: Kensington Market- AGI Studios


Our engagement photographers encourage couples to let their personality shine during these sessions. A vibrant setting like Kensington Market makes it easy to do that! It’s a casual setting that eases any pressure or awkwardness of having your photograph taken.


So if you’re a local couple looking for a fun location, Kensington Market is the perfect spot. It’s convenient location, vibrant energy, and beautiful graffiti walls offer tons of amazing photo opportunities. Contact us to book your engagement photography session today!


Toronto Featured Engagement Locations: Kensington Market- AGI Studios

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