6 Ways to Remember Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Weddings are special and happy times, but as with any celebration, they can also be a reminder of those that are no longer there. Including lost loved ones on your wedding day can be a challenge. Many couples want to include them and their memory in some way on the wedding day, but also don’t want it to overshadow the happy celebration. Our wedding photographers have been to lots of weddings, and here are some of the best way to honor loved ones on the wedding day!


Include a Moment of Silence

A moment of silence is a respectful yet brief way to acknowledge those that can’t physically be apart of the wedding day. Have your wedding MC, DJ, or someone you’re close to include a moment of silence at some point during the reception or ceremony. This is a lovely way to remember those that are lost without taking too much time or attention away from the happy couple.


Have a Memorial Table

Some couples are now included a dedicated memorial table at the reception. This usually includes photographs, cards, or nameplates of those who have passed. It’s a nice way to have the presence of those who can’t be there. However, some people find this a little morbid, so just keep that in mind.


Mention Them in the Program

If you’re handing out a wedding program, this is a great spot to include any lost loved ones. It can be a simple message about how dearly you cared for them or even include a picture. This is a good way to acknowledge those that are gone without calling direct attention to it.


Use Old Photos of Them

As wedding photographers, we know better than most the power of a photo. Photos are often how we capture and relive memories. If you have cherished photos of you and your lost loved ones be sure to include them in some way on the wedding day. Use them in a wedding slide show, place them sometimes in the reception hall, or ask your wedding videographer and photographer to include them in some way.


Wear a Special Token

If there is a specific token you have given to you by someone gone including it in your wedding attire is a great way to honor them. It could be a piece of jewelry, a favorite piece of clothing or something else. Wearing tokens is a great way to keep them close on your big day.


Share Stories in the Wedding Video

Wedding videos are meant to capture the story of the happy couple, and in many ways those we love as a big part of that. If a lost loved one plays a crucial role in the couple’s life or relationship talk to your wedding videographer about including a story or antedate about them in it. This is a good way to honor them and acknowledge the important role they played in your life.


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