Pros and Cons of a Child-Free Wedding

If there’s one thing our wedding photographers have learned, it’s that everyone has different ideas about an ideal wedding. For some couples, they want everyone and anyone who has impacted their lives to be at the wedding- including small children and babies. For other people though, they want to be able to celebrate without cranky or crying kids. There are advantages and disadvantages to a child-free wedding, and our photographers have outlined a few for you!


Pros of a Child-Free Wedding


Pro 1: Fewer Mouths to Feed

When planning a wedding, a major constraint on the guest list is cost. The more people you invite, the more food you have to pay to feed them. Eliminating children from the guest list can cut down on a lot of people, which can save you money on catering! Costs can add up quickly at a wedding, so this is a good way to save if your budget is tight. Some couple’s limit child to immediate family only, which is also a way to cut down on the guest lists and costs.


Pro 2: Limited Interruptions

Nothing ruins beautiful vows more than a crying baby or an upset child. While the parents usually try to quiet them down, sometimes it’s not always possible, at least not without interrupting the event for a bit. Not every kid will misbehave or cause a scene, but the risk is definitely higher if they’re there. If you have kids as part of your wedding party, such as a flower girl or ring bearer, make sure they’re old enough for the job and have an adult on hand to escort them away if they start making noise.


Pro 3: Attention Stays on the Couple

It can be hard to get a whole family together, which is why weddings are so great. But it can also be frustrating for the couple getting married if everyone is paying more attention to your cousin’s new baby or your friend’s adorable toddler. It might sound selfish, but on your wedding day, you’re allowed to want to be in the spotlight!


Cons of a Child-Free Wedding


Con 1: Guest Might Not Attend

The downside of not inviting children to your wedding is that some guests might not come. Some people may find it rude or they might just not be able to get childcare for the night. It’s the risk you take, but our wedding photographers have also seen parents grateful to have a night without the kids.


Con 2: Missed Memories

They might be small, but kids are still a part of the family. For some people not having the whole family there can feel like a missed opportunity. They won’t be included in the wedding photos, and they miss out on the chance of making memories. Some of our photographers and client’s favorite photos at weddings are of the kids.


Con 3: They Add Entertainment

A screaming kid might ruin a party, but when kids are happy and playing they can add life to any event. Who doesn’t love to see a cute kid jamming on the dance floor? Children can be disruptive, but they can also be very entertaining!


Final Thoughts

There are pros and cons to a child-free wedding. Our photographers have seen kids ruin the special day with a meltdown, but they’ve also seen how their little faces can lighten up the big event. Some couples are opting for a compromise, such as allowing children of immediate family only or only inviting them for the ceremony so that the reception is adult only. There are tons of ways to do this, and it’s important that you do what’s best for you!


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