Planning A Valentine’s Day Wedding

Searching for a date for your special day? We all know Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love, but is it wise to plan your wedding around the most romantic day of the year? According to recent articles, February 14th is actually one of the most popular days for couples to host their wedding ceremonies. Read on to hear our thoughts on the topic from our team of wedding photographers.

Decorating for a wedding may come as a pleasure or a struggle for some wedding planners, however planning your special day on a holiday may alleviate the stress of deciding the decorations and colour scheme for your event space. Valentine’s has one of the most notable colour palettes of all the holidays, so finding on theme party favours and creating photography and videography shoots may come as an advantage for our creative team.

While Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for couples around the globe, making your wedding anniversary on February 14th may create an everlasting memory in your marriage journey. While it will be easy to remember your anniversary, the holiday will hold a more significant place in your heart as a day to celebrate your day of marriage.

After all the celebration of your charming themed wedding, it is now a great time to relax on a beach and in the sun with your honey on your honeymoon. A perfect time to take a tropical vacation ideally would be during the winter months of the year – because Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of February, this would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the start of your marriage in an island getaway.

While there may be many upsides of hosting your wedding on cupid’s day of love, there may be some downsides that may have couples second guessing their wedding date.

Before you reach the honeymoon, you have to reach the day of the wedding ceremony – and if it’s going to be in the middle of February, there may be some snowy obstacles guests may have to overcome. The unpredictability of the weather can be stressful especially when a wedding ceremony holds many moving parts that could easily go south. This can cause issues for not only guests but certain delivery orders, food malfunctions, and working staff who may not have reliable sources of transportation.

Putting together a wedding theme may be simple with Valentine’s Day in mind, however it may cause more stress on your wallet. Holidays are the busiest times of the year for hospitality businesses so owners may hike up the price of their goods since they know of the guaranteed demand. Valentine specific items such as roses and heart shaped decorations can be priced higher than normal so keep that in mind when creating a budget for your V-Day themed ceremony.












Although your wedding day is to celebrate you and your partner’s new marriage, couples should also consider how their guests may feel when arriving at their venue to find every second step is based around having a significant other in your life. Not everyone agrees with the idea of being in a relationship and hosting a theme based on this idea may unintentionally offend some patrons and create an uncomfortable atmosphere amongst wedding go-ers.

In our experience, hiring a photographer/videographer and creative director will create the best and most beautiful memories on your special day that you may cherish for life. So, as long as you love and care for your partner, every day will feel like Valentine’s Day, so treat every day like it’s your anniversary!

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