Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

The perfect set of wedding vows can encapsulate a whole relationship in a few short sentences that will create an eternal memory from your wedding day until death do you part… can’t be too hard to jot down right? Thinking of reasons why you love someone and creating promises to one another may sound simple when you’ve been with someone for years, however, it can be quite the task. Here are some helpful tips that will make the writing process a bit smoother.

The early bird catches the love bug – being prepared and organized while creating your vows may be a vital solution to any writing anxieties. Brainstorming ideas on paper or even on your phone and building ideas can be a great way to start writing your vows. As well as being organized with your thoughts, keeping in mind the final product of the piece will allow you to stay on track to writing the perfect promise to your partner.

Having trouble thinking of what to say to your partner? Look back on some key memories of your relationship through photographs and videos and find the spark that made you fall in love with your partner. Maybe you created a video slideshow of your partner’s best dinners they cooked for you, or maybe that one photo from your family gathering reminds you of how sweet the relationship between your partner and your parents is. It’s the small treasures we find that create a loving bond between our partners and having physical copies like photographs and video can make a huge impact (which is why wedding photography is so important!).

Everyone’s relationship is unique to one another, which makes creating personal vows easier than saying the basic routine phrases. No one wants to hear the same vows that have been recited since the dawn of marriage, people enjoy a twist! Think of what makes you and your partner’s relationship unique and build vows around those characteristics. Plus this will make a better lasting memory for yourself as well as your guests.

Relationships as we all know will have their ups and downs, it is the nature of getting to know and understanding a person. An important note to writing vows to your partner is to not promise perfection, since the idea of perfection is unrealistic. The most we can do in this world is try our best and constantly improve ourselves – the dedication to better yourself in the succession of your relationship is a vow in itself.

While we are our own worst critics, it is difficult to critique your work especially when it is very personal and deeply saturated with the love for your partner. We’d recommend having a close friend or relative who is familiar with you and your partner’s personalities and read the vows out loud. Knowing the nature of each other’s identity, your second pair of eyes can determine whether something is cute or if something should be off-limits. Saying your vows out loud may also put into perspective what you will be reciting to your audience of guests – if you wouldn’t say it to yourself, you’re most likely not going to want to say it to your partner in front of an audience.

Writing vows for your special someone can be a tedious and challenging task but can be super rewarding and create a beautiful moment between you and your partner on your special day. When you look back on your photo album or your curated wedding video, all the familiar memories of love and passion will come running back as a love surge moment!

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