Pros and Cons of a Holiday Engagement

Are you thinking of popping the question this holiday season?


There’s something so romantic about Christmas time with the twinkling lights and cool snuggle weather. December is actually the most popular time of year to get engaged, so if you’re thinking of proposing on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you’re not alone! While getting engaged over the holidays might sound perfect, there are a few downsides to consider. Here are some pros and cons to a holiday engagement, according to our wedding photographers!



Pros of Holiday Engagements


Built-In Romance

Whether or not you go all-in on the winter holidays, this time of year is still so romantic. The cold weather is perfect for snuggling in front of a fireplace, and the snow and twinkling lights are stunning to look at. Getting engaged at this time of year has romance already built-in.


Surrounded by Family

Most people are surrounded by family and close friends around the holidays. This makes it so easy to include them in your proposal and share the news in-person. If you know your partner really wants their family, there to celebrate right after the holidays may be a perfect time. Everyone will be there to share the joy!


Easy Memories

Getting engaged on Christmas or NYE will make it a holiday to remember! You’ll never have to worry about forgetting your engagement date. You could also commemorate it each year with a fun ornament or special toast.



Cons of Holiday Engagements


Shared Attention

The downside of a holiday engagement is that the special day will always be shared and potentially overshadowed. A lot of people don’t want their proposal’s thunder being stolen by another big day that already has its own celebrations. It can be hard to celebrate your engagement in the future with traditional holiday celebrations, and your families may not want to give up their holiday plans to celebrate.


Holiday Chaos

 The holidays are a chaotic time, and emotions can run high. It can be stressful to plan Christmas and New Year’s, which may not make it the best time to add extra emotion into the mix. The holidays are so busy it can be hard to even find a time to pop the question! And when you do, you may not have time to enjoy the moment due to everything going on.


No Photographer

It’s become a big trend to have a professional photographer there to capture a proposal secretly. It’s a fun way to capture the moment forever, and our Toronto wedding photographers love to see the moment of surprise. A holiday engagement may make this hard, though. Not only do many photographers have their own holiday plans, but it may also be a bit obvious that they’re there if you’re planning on proposing around the Christmas tree. If having photos of the moment is important to you, you may want to pick another time.


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