5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Photographer for Your Elopement

This year has thrown everything into chaos due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Countless couples have had to cancel or reschedule their weddings because of health and safety restrictions. Some couples though have opted to forgo the big wedding and instead elope or do a micro wedding. Just because you’re forgoing a traditional wedding doesn’t mean you still can’t remember and enjoy it. Whether there are 100 people there or just you and your significant other, your wedding day is still one you’ll want to remember, so here are a few reasons you should hire a wedding photographer to capture your elopement.


It’s a Day You’ll Want to Remember

No matter how to celebrate your wedding day, it’s for sure a day you’ll want to remember for years to come. Whether you elope at city hall or venture out into the wilderness, this is a special day. A wedding photographer will be able to capture all of the special moments, even if it’s just you, your SO, and the officiant! One of the things brides and grooms say is that the wedding day is a blur, so photographs become crucial memories.


Share it With Others

It’s a shame that people aren’t able to have their friends and family there to celebrate their major life milestone with them. That doesn’t mean that you still can’t share it with those you love though! A wedding photographer will be there to capture your first kiss, the vows, and your happiness so that you can share those pictures, and the memories, with all of those that couldn’t physically be there.


Take Risks and Be Creative

Eloping means that you’re not bound by a lot of the usual wedding traditions. When it’s just you and your significant other (or a few close people and the officiant) you have more freedom to take risks and be creative on your special day. You can get married at the top of a mountain, wear a bright pink dress, or have your pet’s tag along. A wedding photographer will also have more freedom to capture all these special moments, and at AGI our wedding photographers are also happy to try something new and creative.



If you’re trying to keep your elopement costs down, the great news is that many wedding photographers charge significantly less for elopements than traditional weddings. This is because there are usually fewer moving parts to elopements, and there’s less stress to the day. You’ll be able to save money while still getting stunning photos to enjoy for years.


Support Local Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone, and the wedding industry has taken a huge blow. With people delaying or canceling weddings, local businesses that relied on weddings are struggling, including wedding photographers. All of our photographers at AGI Studio can’t wait to start working once it’s safe again, and in the meantime, we’re open to any working opportunities that allow us to support our business and stay safe.


Looking to hire a Toronto elopement wedding photographer? Contact us today! We’d love to capture your special day so that you can share your elopement with everyone who physically can’t be there.

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