Wedding Games to Keep Guests Entertained

The wedding day is all about the couple getting married, but it’s important not to forget about your guests. A good wedding reception should be inclusive and entertaining. After all, your guests spent money and time to come and celebrate the happy couple. They should be rewarded with a fun evening! There are lots of moments during a wedding where guests have time to kill, so to keep them entertaining during the lulls here are a few fun wedding games to consider trying. Our wedding photographers love capturing candids of guests playing these, and it’s a great way for the bride and grooms to connect with those in attendance.


Yard Games

If your wedding venue features a yard or outdoor space, consider setting up a few yard games. This allows guests to play during the cocktail hour or during the reception if they don’t feel like dancing. Yard games can also fit the theme of your wedding and help keep any kids in attendance entertaining.


Some fun yard games our photographers often see at weddings include: ring toss, cornhole, and giant Jenga



Wedding Table Games

Just because you don’t have outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t keep guests entertained at their tables. Once guests are seated, there is still quite a bit of downtime as food is being served. Table games help kill the time and also encourage guests to mingle and meet others around them.


Wedding table games can include the I Spy wedding game, Wedding Mad Libs, bride and groom trivia, and couple’s crossword.


Wedding Group Games

Want to get everyone at the wedding involved in a game? There are some great group wedding games our photographers have seen over the years. One of the favorites and most popular is the wedding shoe game. These games are a great way for the couple to interact with guests and encourage guests to mingle and come together.


Some popular group wedding games include the shoe game, wedding bingo, flip cup, and stand up/sit down.



Kid Games

Plan of having children in attendance at the wedding? In order to avoid meltdowns or tantrums, it’s important to keep them entertaining. Not every kid is going to want to dance all night. Providing a few fun games will keep them happy and content, even during the more boring parts for kids like speeches.


Fun kid games include coloring books, dance-offs, kid I-Spy, and chalkboard games.


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