The Worst Holidays to Get Married On

Are you thinking of planning a holiday wedding? Selecting a holiday as a wedding date might seem appealing, and there are some advantages, but certain holidays create more trouble than they’re worth. Our wedding photographers have been to many weddings, but here is their list of the worst holidays to get hitched on.



Winter is such a festive time of year to get married, and between the white snow and twinkling lights, it can be quite magical. Make sure you select your winter wedding date carefully, though. Many families tend to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together and probably would opt not to attend a wedding on those dates. Lots of people also travel to see family around this time and may not be around. If you’re still interested in a Christmas wedding, select a date before the actual holiday.


Valentine’s Day

It might seem romantic to get married on the Day of Love, but our wedding photographers don’t recommend it. By doing so, you’re robbing every other couple of having their special day together. Not to mention, certain costs such as flowers will increase exponentially.


Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is a major family holiday for both American’s and Canadians. Many people pack their bags and travel all over to spend a delicious meal together. Don’t expect guests to cancel these plans to attend a Thanksgiving weekend wedding. Many vendors also take off this time, so you may have trouble booking things or have to pay a premium.


Start of July

July seems like a perfect time to get married with the sunny weather. But the first week of July features Canada Day and the 4th of July down in the U.S. Many people have long-standing traditions during this time and may not want to swap their annual BBQ for a fancy wedding.


New Year’s Day

It might seem perfect to kick off the New Year as newlyweds but think twice before getting married on New Year’s Day. While New Year’s Eve can create the perfect playful atmosphere for a wedding, with the music, partying, and drinking, the day after is another story. Expect to have tons of hungover or tired guests at a New Year’s Day wedding, not to mention most people have to go back to work on January 2nd.



Halloween weddings can be a ton of fun if you lean into it. However, if you don’t want guests in costumes and instead want a traditional wedding, consider another date. Halloween is also a big deal to kids, and many parents might choose to take their kids trick-or-treating rather than attend your big day.  


Religious & Cultural Holidays

In addition to Christmas, brides and grooms should avoid booking their wedding on significant religious or cultural holidays out of respect for their guests. The full list will depend on your attendants, but some holidays you should avoid are Easter, Ramadan, Lent, Passover, and Hanukkah. Even Chinese New Year could be iffy, as many people travel and spend the time with their family.


Remembrance Holidays

In order not to offend anyone or to have your big day tied to a day of sadness, it’s best to avoid getting married on any historically significant remembrance holidays. This is especially important if you have any guests that have served in the military. So make sure you don’t book your wedding on Remembrance Day or even September 11th.


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