Wedding Tradition Breakdown: Saving Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is by far the most delicious and beloved wedding tradition. Who doesn’t love cake? No matter the flavor or style, it’s always an iconic moment when the cake is brought out. There are tons of traditions tied to wedding cakes as well, from cutting them to the bride and groom feeding them to one another. One custom that has only just started to fade is saving the top tier of the wedding cake for the first anniversary. Here is how this tradition started and its impact on weddings today.




The history of saving the top tier of their wedding cake dates back to 19th-century England. Back then, it was expected that couples would have a child within a year of getting married. After all, family planning wasn’t really a thing back then. Thus, newlyweds would save the top tier of their wedding cake for their future child’s christening. Cakes back then were typically dense fruit cakes, which allowed couples to preserve them for longer periods.




Saving wedding cakes didn’t just have practical benefits. Not only did parents do it so that they didn’t have to buy more cake later, but it was also a prophecy of good luck. Saving the cake was thought to bring luck to having good fertility and a healthy child.




Today, saving the top tier of a wedding cake is one tradition that is slowly dying out. Many newlyweds don’t plan on having children or want to wait a while, so saving a cake for a future child seems silly. However, some keep up the tradition so that they can enjoy it on their first anniversary and remember how fun their wedding was.

Modern wedding cakes aren’t packed with dense fruit these days, and while freezers can help preserve them, most people find that year-old frozen cake is inedible. Instead, a modern twist on the tradition is that now couples return to the same bakery and pick up a smaller cake of similar design and flavor to celebrate one year of marriage.



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