Wedding Trends Inspired by Sofia Richie’s Wedding

With one event, Sofia Richie cemented herself as the newest “it” girl. As the daughter of superstar Lionel Richie, Sofia has always been in the spotlight, but her April wedding to Elliot Grainge had the whole world abuzz. Not only did her wedding inspire daily styles, but it also marked a few important shifts in the wedding industry. Here are a few trends inspired by Sofia Richie’s wedding that you may start to see in more weddings moving forward.


Quiet Luxury

The saying goes, “money talks, wealth whispers.” Quiet luxury has been the talk for a while now, with popular shows like Succession and Yellowstone making people question what the top 1% of the world’s population actually lives like. We’re so used to seeing celebrities decked out in branded luxury goods and throwing over-the-top elaborate events, which made Sofia Richie’s elegant, understated wedding stand out. No expense was spared on her big day, but it was dignified and tame compared to other celebrity weddings we’ve seen in the past. Expect to see more quiet luxury-inspired events and styles in the future.


High Neck Dresses

Sofia wore not one but three wedding dresses for her big day, all designed by Chanel. Two of her dresses featured high necks, and no doubt we’ll see more of this style in the future. Both of the high-neck dresses were elegant and decked in stunning beading, which may also inspire future brides’ wedding dress choices. The high neck style definitely gives a more royal feeling to wedding dresses, which plays into the quiet luxury aspect of her whole wedding style.


Short Wedding Dresses

Another wedding dress trend we expect to see more of in the future is short gowns- especially for receptions or after parties. One of Sofia’s three dresses was a short dress straight from the runway. Though still understated and beautiful, the shorter length was more playful and fun, perfect for dancing and celebrating at the reception.


Fun-Filled Reception

During her pre-wedding interviews, Sofia revealed that the one request she gave to her planner for her reception was that she wanted to feel like a nightclub. And it delivered! Pictures and videos of her reception showed Sofia barefoot, dancing, and rocking out in her dress with her guests. Weddings cost a lot of money, and rather than shelling out all that money for a stiff event that pleases older family members, don’t be surprised to see modern couples embracing fun-filled wedding receptions in the future.


Real-Time Updates

One of the biggest differences between Sofia’s wedding and other celebrity weddings of the past were the real-time updates we got. Not only did she reveal all three of her wedding dresses in a Vogue feature ahead of time, she took users along with her as she got ready for all of her wedding events. She dominated TikTok and Instagram, letting users see her get ready for each event, asking for their input on her outfit choices, and making everyone feel like they were experiencing the day with her. Moving forward, we expect to see more brides embrace this real-time feeling content. Hiring a day-of content creator is rising, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more Get-Ready-With-Me videos of brides on their actual day.


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