Who Should Give Speeches at Wedding Receptions?

The wedding ceremony might be where things become official, but it’s the wedding reception that most people remember for years to come. Amongst the food and dancing, there is another big wedding tradition you won’t want to miss- the toasts! Toasts are a great way to call attention to the bride and groom as well as honoring everyone that helped get them to their big day.


So who exactly is supposed to give a speech at the reception? The great thing about speeches is that anyone the bride and groom want to speak can, but traditionally there are a few people that should speak.


Who Should Give Speeches at Wedding Receptions?- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers


Parents of the Bride and/or Groom

As people get settled into their seats, there is usually a welcome toast. Traditionally the father of the bride gives this speech, as they were usually the ones footing the bill. These days it can be any parent or parental figure. These speeches are usually quick and are to welcome the guests to the event and to raise a glass to the newlyweds.


Best Man

Part of the best man’s job, in addition to planning a bachelor party and helping the groom get ready, is giving a speech during the reception. The best man and maid of honor will usually give speeches at the same time, usually after the entrée is cleared away but before dessert.


Maid of Honor

A maid of honor has a lot of duties, and one of the most important ones is giving a wedding reception speech! The MoH will usually give the speech either after or before the best man, usually during a lull in the meal before people hit the dance floor.


The Couple

Sometimes the newlyweds will opt to make a toast themselves, either both or one of them on behalf of both of them. This is usually towards the end of the evening as a thank-you to everyone that came. These can as long or short as the couple wants. This is an optional speech but it is usually a nice way of acknowledging everyone that came out to celebrate their big day.


Extra Speeches

These days, most couples don’t care to follow the rigid rules around who makes a speech. That’s the fun of modern weddings! Couples will often ask close friends or family to also step up and say a few words. It can be a close family friend, a favorite uncle, a sibling, or anyone else!


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Who Should Give Speeches at Wedding Receptions?- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers

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