5 Tips for Hiring the Right Wedding Videographer

A wedding videographer can capture all the special moments leading up to and during your big day. From showcasing your love story to capturing your vows, your wedding video will be something your watch and cherish for years to come. The key to a beautiful wedding video is finding and hiring the right wedding videographer. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect videographer for your wedding day.


Look at Their Portfolio

Before you even start reaching out to videographers do a quick Google search for some local ones and then take a look at their portfolio. There’s no point in meeting up with them if you’re not a fan of their style of work. When looking at their portfolio look at their experience, style, and talent.


Read Reviews

While their work will speak for themselves, reviews will let you know how others found working with them was. A videographer may produce a beautiful wedding video, but if all their reviews say they were difficult to work with or slow to edit they might not be a good pick. Remember, a few back reviews are normal, but you want the good ones to outweigh the bad ones.


Ask for Personal Recommendations

Online searches are great but don’t forget to tap into your personal network. Ask coworkers, family, and friends if they have any wedding videographers they recommend. Maybe they loved the person that worked their wedding.


Meet them in Person

Before you hire a wedding videographer it’s important to meet them in person (or virtually!). You just want to give yourself a chance to speak with them to see if your personalities mesh. If you and the videographer don’t work well together it will be a frustrating and challenging experience capturing everything, which isn’t what you want.


Discuss Ideas & Styles

When talking with them, make sure you discuss some of your ideas and their style of shooting. This will give you a chance to see if they could execute your vision or fit within your style. It also gives your videographer a chance to propose some of their own ideas.


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