6 Big Wedding Videography Don’ts to Avoid

Wedding photos are wonderful, but they capture a single moment during the big day. Nothing captures the entire feeling and events of a wedding like a wedding video. Our Toronto wedding videographers have plenty of talent and experience when it comes to shooting wedding videos. It’s great when clients want to be hands-on with the experience, but there are few things we wish clients wouldn’t do. Here are some big “don’ts” that you should avoid so that we can create a sweet wedding video that you’ll cherish for years.


Don’t Forget to Research Videographers Before Hiring

At AGI, our wedding videographers are very good at what they do. We think our work speaks volumes for our talent and experience. We recommend all clients thoroughly research before hiring any wedding photographer or videographer though. During the research process, you’ll get to see past work, get a feel for their style, and have any questions about the process or contracts answered. This will help you feel confident in your videographer’s skills, and allow you to take a step back and enjoy your special day.


Don’t Skip Telling Your Videographer What You Want

An experienced wedding videographer should already know what shots are important and how to capture them, but it’s your wedding video and they’ll definitely want your input! If you have any specific shots that are important to you, or if you have a fun wedding video idea in mind, be sure to share that with your videographer! They want to create a wedding video you’ll love for years, so let them know what you want to be included.


Don’t Micromanage the Videographer

It can be hard for some brides and grooms to give up control. We understand, your wedding day is one of the most important moments in your life. However, hopefully, you’ve hired a videographer that you like and. Having a backseat director is not going to make things run smoothly. You’ve hired a professional and you have to trust that they’ll do their job. AGI’s wedding videographers are extremely talents at what they do, and we promise you’ll love the final product!


Don’t Follow the Camera Around

During a wedding, we often have to remind the bride and groom that they should be enjoying their special day. There is no need to follow the camera around. Your videographer will find you! Videographers know the best angles and how to capture key moments without interrupting or staging them. Just act natural and enjoy your beautiful wedding day!


Don’t Be Afraid of Asking for Changes

At the end of the day, we want all of our clients to love their wedding video. It should be something you watch throughout the years fondly. If there is something you don’t like about the video, whether it’s a certain shot or the music, don’t be scared to bring it up. Some things can’t be changed, such as the style of shooting, but most videographers will work their hardest to create a final product that you love.


Don’t Forget to Recommend Your Videographer

If you’re happy with your wedding video, the best way to thank your videographer is to leave them a glowing review and recommend them to friends! Also, be sure to give the studio credit when sharing your video online.

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