How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Video Music

Wedding photos are a great way to freeze moments in time, but a wedding video is a perfect way to show the story of the happy couple. A good wedding video can leave guests emotional, but how does that happen? Videographers know how to pick the sweetest moments of a couple’s time together and pair them with the perfect music. Music really makes or breaks a wedding video, but picking the right songs can be difficult. Here are our wedding videographers’ tips for choosing the right music!


Think of the Tone

From commercials to blockbuster movies, music is what sets the tone of the video. The same goes for wedding videos as well. Whether it’s a song with lyrics or an instrumental piece, music is what will sway viewers emotionally. It signals to them when to feel nostalgic and when to feel upbeat. The style of your wedding video will help direct you into what type of music to look at.


Watch Wedding Videos

Before you meet with your wedding videographer, sit down and watch some of their past work or other wedding videos. Think of this as research. It will help you realize what you like or don’t like about these videos so that you can better decide on your own. It’s even helpful to write down which videos you liked, what style of cinematography, or any songs.


Keep it Legal

One important thing couples don’t always realize is that not every song is available to be used. Songs are protected by copy write laws and have to be paid for and licensed to be used in media- yes, even wedding videos. There are free music sites, and your videographer will be able to direct you whether or not a song needs to be paid for or not. Just be prepared that your favorite song might not be available, but know that there are plenty of other good ones out there!


Think of Your History

Since this is your wedding video, think back of your time together. Do you two have a “song” together? Is there any music that was apart of any key relationship moments? Is there a certain genre you both love? Wedding videos should be personal, and a great way to make them that way is to use music that is meaningful to your relationship.


Trust your Wedding Videographer

It’s important to trust the people you’ve hired for your big day. Our wedding videographers are trained and skilled and want nothing more than to give you the perfect video of your special day. We love when clients make special requests, but you can also leave it to us. We know what songs work well, when to shift the tone, and how to weave together pieces. Videographers are good at what they do, so trust that they’ll create an amazing wedding video for you as you hired them to do!

If you’re looking for a wedding videographer for your wedding, contact us today!

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