6 Wedding Dress Fitting Tips Every Bride Needs to Know

The wedding dress is a key part of the big day. Most brides have had their perfect dress envisioned for years before they even get engaged. While saying yes to the dress is a special moment, in order to feel your most beautiful on your wedding day, you’ll probably need to get it altered. Before you head to your dress fitting, here are some tips every bride should know.


Bring Actual Wedding Shoes

By far, the most common alteration brides need is hemming. Making sure your wedding dress is the right length is vital, not just for style but also to ensure you don’t trip walking down the aisle. Whether you’re opting for classic heels or something flat like sneakers or sandals, make sure you bring them so your seamstress can hem the dress to the proper height. This is especially important for the final few fittings!


Wear Proper Undergarments

When getting ready for your dress fittings, make sure you’re wearing the proper undergarments. You ideally want to wear the undergarments that you’re going to wear on the big day, especially if they’re going to impact your sizing. Too many brides get their dresses altered without wearing the shapewear or bra they’re planning on wearing on the wedding day, resulting in the dress not fitting properly.


It Takes Time

Alterations always take longer than brides realize. It depends on how much tailoring needs to be done, but in general, it can take 8-12 weeks for “normal” alternations to be completed. For anything custom or complicated, allow more time. Plan accordingly, especially if you think you’ll need multiple rounds.


Budget Accordingly

It’s not just the time that takes brides by surprise, but the cost can also be shocking! Brides should budget a minimum of $500 for their gown alterations. If you only need simple ones like hemming, it can be less, but for more extensive changes, expect the costs to increase, especially if they include beading or lace.


Communicate Clearly

Your seamstress can’t read your mind. They probably wish they could! If you want something changed, be sure to clearly communicate that. Brides often hold in small changes until the end, when it can be too late to fix them. Even if you feel like you’re being picky, communicate your concerns and wants. Your seamstress wants you to feel beautiful and confident, so don’t hold back!


Invite Trusted Confidant

You’ll probably be keeping your dress a surprise from your partner, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep it from everyone! In fact, it’s usually recommended you bring along a trusted family member or friend when you get your dress altered. They can keep things fun, make you feel beautiful, and give insight if needed.


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