Tasty Alternatives to the Classic Wedding Cake

A traditional wedding cake will never go out of style. It has long roots in wedding rituals, but if a white cake isn’t your style, of if cake at all isn’t to your taste, there are tons of yummy alternatives these days. Our wedding photographers have seen everything from cheese to doughnuts, so here are some delicious alternatives to a classic wedding cake to consider.


Fancy Cheeses

If you’re a fan of savory and salty over sweet, why not embrace that and go for a stack of fancy cheeses? You can stack them and dress them up so that, at a glance, they still fulfill the duties of a wedding cake. We recommend offering a few assorted sweets alongside it, but having a savory dessert option is great.



A downside of cake is that it can be too heavy and sweet, especially after a full meal when you want to hit the dance floor. Opting for a cake made of doughnuts is a fun, casual alternative. Doughnuts are lighter but just as sweet, and as a bonus, they tend to be significantly cheaper than traditional wedding cakes!



Macarons are a delicate French dessert comprised of sweet meringue cookies and filling. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also thought of as one of the fancier cookies, making them a respectable option for a wedding cake alternative. They also come in many different flavors and can be arranged to look like a cake, making it perfect!



Are you a fan of cake but can’t decide on just one flavor? Consider cupcakes! Not only are cupcakes easier and more fun to eat, but you can easily satisfy everyone’s favorite flavors by getting more options. They can either accompany a traditional cake or take place of it all together!



If you want a healthy but still sweet and tasty alternative, why not embrace nature’s candy? Fruit! You can incorporate fruit that fits the wedding theme, your personal favorites, or just provide an assortment.


Dessert Table

Can’t decide on just one dessert option? Why not have them all? Skip the cake and instead give guests some options. Arrange a dessert table full of candy, chocolate, cookies, and more. This will surely satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. You can even give goodie bags so people can take home extra as their guest gift.


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