9 Things to do After the Wedding Reception is Over

There is so much planning that goes on before the big day, but a lot of people are surprised by how much there is still to do after the wedding reception ends. Before you sail off into your new life together, there are a few final tasks you’ll have to complete to tie up loose ends. Our wedding photographers recommend enlisting the help of the wedding party or a few close family members and friends to help. Here are a few things you’ll need and want to do after the wedding reception is over.


Gather Wedding Gifts

People traditionally give gifts to the happy couple on the wedding day. Whether they’re physical items from a wedding registry or envelopes of cash, you’ll definitely want to make sure you gather these wedding gifts before leaving the reception. We recommend enlisting a trusted family member or friend to take care of these, so you don’t have to worry about them as you leave.


Deal with Flowers

Flowers take up a huge chunk of the wedding budget, so you probably won’t just want to toss all the florals once the day is over. There are plenty of ways you can reuse flowers after the event. Send guests home with them. Reuse them the next day at the post-wedding brunch. Save them for your home. Get the bridal bouquet preserved. Or even look into donating them!


Get Gown Dry Cleaned

No matter how careful you are, your wedding gown will get dirty on your wedding day. From dancing to pictures, expect to see your beautiful white train stained at the end of the night. After the big day, you should take your gown to the dry cleaners to get it professionally cleaned and stored (if you’re not planning on wearing it again any time soon).


Return Rentals

Chances are you had to borrow and rent items for the big day. From the chairs and linens to tuxes and cars, everything will have to be returned not long after the reception. Make sure your read through your rental contracts ahead of time so you know when everything needs to be returned and in what state.


Preserve Cake

It’s a wedding tradition to preserve the top tier of the wedding cake. The happy couple then eats it on the first wedding anniversary as a sign of good luck. Not everyone opts for a traditional wedding cake these days, but if you did and you want to keep it, make sure you talk to the caterers or venue about packing it up. Research how to properly freeze the top tier as well so that it’s still good in a year’s time.


Tip Vendors

Your vendors put in a lot of work and time to make your big day amazing. While vendors are, of course, doing a job, wedding vendors especially go out of their way to make sure everything is perfect. You should have pre-made envelopes of cash or cheque with tips for vendors such as caterers, photographers, videographers, DJs, and more. If you don’t want to spend your last few moments handing out envelopes, leave the task to a trusted friend.


Round Up Belongings

You’ll be surprised by how much stuff you end up with at the end of the wedding. Not just gifts but also leftover wedding favors, getting ready supplies, extra clothes, etc. Most venues do weddings every day, sometimes multiple in one day, so you’ll have to collect your belongings as you leave. We recommend selecting one spot to collect items so that you only have to check one place at the end of the night.


Say Thank You and Goodbye

The wedding is, of course, about the couple getting married, but it’s important to remember that your guests also dedicate time, and often money, to attend this event. Take the time before you leave to say thank you and goodbye to as many guests as you can. Doing the rounds before you go is not only a great way to show appreciation but also gives you a chance to say hi to guests you might have missed earlier in the day.


Leave Reviews

Online reviews play a big role in the success of businesses, especially wedding vendors and small businesses. Once your big day is over and you’ve had a little time to enjoy marriage bliss, make the effort to go online and leave reviews for your vendors if you are happy with their work. We promise you that they’ll greatly appreciate any positive words you can give them.


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