Key Wedding Moment Details to Discuss Before the Big Day

While weddings are often thought of as a big, important party, as wedding photographers, we know it’s really a collection of key moments that string together into one beautiful memory. There are tons of iconic moments that make a wedding a wedding- exchanging the rings, the first kiss, cutting the cake, the first dance, etc. These will be the things you remember, so here are a few details about these moments you should discuss ahead of time.



The First Kiss

The first kiss as a married couple is hugely important. It’s the first big thing you’ll do as a legally married couple! Our wedding photographers know this is a key moment people want to be captured, but we’ve unfortunately caught a few awkward ones in between the beautiful ones. Before you get up to the altar, you and your significant other should talk about how you envision the first kiss. Are you going to do a few quick pecks? A slow linger? The last thing you want is to be on different pages and end up going too PDA-heavy in front of your grandparents. Don’t forget to consider how it’s going to look in pictures as well!



The First Dance

The first dance can be as fun or as romantic as you want. Some couples opt for a slow sway, while others go all out with choreographed dances. This is something you should discuss together ahead of time. How long do you want it to last? Will the bridal gown allow for dips or spins, or will that end disastrously? What skill and comfort level do you both have in regard to public dancing?



The Cake Feeding

This moment can be tense and controversial for some people. It was a huge trend in the 80s and 90s for the bride and groom to shove cake in each other’s faces after cutting it. So many brides ended up upset and with ruined makeup, however, causing this trend to slowly die. Some people still love it, though. Definitely discuss this ahead of time. The last thing you want is the bride in tears because her new partner ruined her makeup and dress. The cake shoving needs to be a two-yes situation. If you both don’t agree, go for a classier feeding.



The Toasts

Speeches are a big part of wedding reception entertainment. Usually, the maid of honor, the best man, and occasionally the parents of the couple will give them. It’s not unusual to have extra speeches tossed in, and these days it is considered polite for the bride or groom to get up and say a few words. Make sure you talk about toasts and speeches ahead of time. Who’s going to speak? How personal/funny/embarrassing are you okay with them being? Are there any off-limit topics? Which of you will get up and thank guests?



The Send Off

The send-off marks the end of the wedding and the start of your new life together! As wedding photographers, we usually recommend planning something special for the send-off, like sparklers or bubbles, but there are a few other details you should think about too. Are you okay with your get-away car being decorated? How will you say goodbye to your guests? Who will stay behind to help clean up and collect gifts?


However you decide to handle these moments, AGI is here to capture your special day! Our team of talented wedding videographers and photographers would be honored to shoot your big day. Contact us today!



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