How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Date

One of the first things you’ll have to decide on when you start wedding planning is what date the event will happen on. The wedding date is an important decision, not only for the big day, but it will also become your anniversary for the rest of your marriage! It’s a big decision, so here are some things our wedding photographers suggest you keep in mind to ensure you pick the perfect date for your wedding.


Decide Priorities

Selected a wedding date doesn’t happen in a vacuum. One big thing you’ll have to contend with is venue availability. So, before you start planning, you should sit down with your significant other and decide what’s more important to you- a specific date, a certain day of the week, a particular venue, etc. For example, maybe you want to get married on your existing anniversary date, but your dream venue doesn’t have that date available. You’ll have to decide whether to change the date or the venue. It’s a good idea to discuss this ahead of time, so you and your partner are on the same page before you start getting too deep into planning.


Consider Conflicting Celebrations

While your wedding day will be one of the most important events of your life, the reality is that it’s just another celebration for most of your guests. That’s why it’s so important to consider whether your wedding date has any big conflicts with other celebrations such as holidays, family members’ birthdays, long-standing traditions, or other pre-planned events such as graduations, vacations, or even other weddings. For example, if you plan a big New Year’s Eve wedding, some guests may opt for their own plans, or if you pick a June wedding date and a lot of your friends are in school or have kids in school, they may have a conflict with graduation dates and not be able to attend.


Think About Day of the Week

There are pros and cons to weekday vs. weekend weddings. Most weddings are traditionally held on the weekend, specifically Saturdays. This day of the week is preferred because most people don’t have work. However, Saturdays tend to book early and be more expensive, so many couples consider weekday weddings. If you’re considering opting for a wedding day in the middle of the week, you may run into issues such as guests not attending, people leaving early, or work schedule conflicts.


Run it by Important Guests

Running your wedding date by every single guest would be a logistical nightmare, but you absolutely should check in with key guests. If there is anyone that you absolutely want to attend your big day, you should ask them if they have any conflicts with the date. Our wedding photographers suggest running the potential date by your close family members, such as parents, siblings, and grandparents, and key guests, such as your wedding party.



Make it Personal

A lot of couples getting married have a hard time picking a wedding date, even with no limitations. Why? Because it’s such a big decision that will impact the rest of your life! The date will become your anniversary for years to come. When debating what date to tie to knot, our wedding photographers suggest making it personal. Not only will it be easier to remember, but it will also make the whole day even sweeter. You can use your existing anniversary, a date of an important event (such as a proposal, first kiss, first date, etc.), close to an important holiday, or a date that relates to something you both love. For example, if you and your SO love to hike in the Fall, why not plan a Fall wedding that gives you those same vibes?


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