Renting vs. Buying the Groom’s Tux

While the wedding is often thought of as the bride’s day, most grooms want to look just as good and confident as their spouse. Most men have at least one suit in their wardrobe, but if you want something nicer or are opting for a tux, you’ll have to consider whether it’s worth buying or renting your outfit. There are advantages to both buying and renting the groom’s outfit, so let’s look at them.



Benefits of Renting Groom’s Tux


Save Money

If you don’t foresee yourself needing a tux again anytime soon, renting will definitely be the cheaper option. A rental suit or tux will cost around $200 while purchasing one will start at around $300 and only goes up for higher quality.


Nicer Outfit

Buying a stylish, designer tux might be out of your budget, but many rental companies have high-quality tuxes and suits available for rent! You’ll have tons of styles to choose from. Don’t worry about fit either- rental tuxes aren’t boxy, stained, or out of style, despite what you might have heard.


Easier to Match

Chances are your groomsmen don’t just have a tux lying around either, meaning they’ll be looking to rent as well. If you and your groomsmen all rent from the same place, it will be much easier for you all to match, especially if you’re going for something other than black.


Accessories Included

What many grooms don’t realize is that when you buy a tux, you still have to purchase accessories such as a shirt, cummerbund, cufflinks, bowtie, etc. When you rent, all of that is included! Other than shoes, a tux rental will come with everything you need.



Benefits of Buying Groom’s Tux


Tailored Fit

By far, the biggest benefit of purchasing a tux over renting one is that you’ll be able to get a tailored fit. Some men can easily fit into an off-the-rack suit, but if that doesn’t work for you, you may want to consider purchasing your groom’s outfit and getting it tailored for that perfect fit.


Brand New

Some people just can’t get past the idea that they’ll be wearing the same outfit as another man has before. If you’re creeped out by sharing outfits, purchasing a tux is the way to go. You know you’ll be the first to dance and sweat in it!


Worthy Investment

Renting a tux is the cheaper option, but if you go to formal events once or twice a year, it makes more financial sense to purchase one of your own. Buying is more cost-effective than renting after two or three uses. This all depends on the cost of the tux, but it may be worth considering.


Unique Styling

If you’re into fashion, it probably won’t be fun to get a prepackaged tux and accessories from a rental shop. If you want to select your own accessories or just stand out from your groomsmen, buying is the way to go. You’ll be able to customize your outfit and really show off your unique style.



Whatever route you go with for your groom’s outfit, just make sure you feel good and confident. This will come through in your wedding photos, and you’ll have much fonder memories of your wedding day! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer or videographer to capture your special day, contact AGI Studio!

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