Most Popular Months to Get Married In

There are lots of factors to consider when picking a wedding date. From weather to vendor availability, there are lots of things to consider. As you start to narrow down your wedding date, you’ll start to notice why “wedding season” is so popular. Wedding season is typically summer to early Fall, though late spring and mid-Fall are still usually popular as well. If you’re curious about which months are most popular and least popular, here is a full list of the best months to get married in!


#1 October

Did you know October is by far the most popular month to get married in? In 2022, October weddings accounted for 20% of all weddings! Fall weddings have been growing increasingly popular over the past few years, and this trend is likely to continue. Cooler weather and less demand than the summer season, make early Fall wedding dates, like October, perfect!


#2 September

Coming in at a close second, September accounts for around 15% of weddings. September has a lot of the same benefits as October, though it is usually warmer still, which is an added bonus. September is predicted to have the most popular wedding date of 2023 (September 23, 2023), so keep that in mind if you’re planning a September 2023 wedding.


#3 June

If you asked people to guess the most popular wedding month, most would probably say June. Solidly in the summertime, June is a great month to get married and accounted for around 10% of all weddings last year. June is great because not only is there warm weather, but school is out, so families are more willing to travel for big events such as weddings.


#4 July & August

Tied at fourth are July and August, with each of these months accounting for around 9% of weddings in 2022. Not surprisingly, warmer months are a popular choice for weddings. These months tend to be hotter, though, so that’s something to keep in mind if you want an outdoor event.


#5 May & November

May and November come in tied at fifth, with 8% of weddings for each month. These “shoulder” months aren’t quite in peak wedding season but are close. They offer decent weather,  more flexibility and budget-friendly options since they’re just on the cusp of peak season. Just remember that late Spring and Fall do have inclement weather, so plan accordingly.


#6 March & April

Springtime has historically been a popular time to get married, but that has changed in recent years. Spring weddings have been dropping, with March, April, & May accounting for only 17% of all weddings in 2022. Comparatively, spring weddings during these months accounted for 25% of all weddings in 2019.


#7 December & January

While winter weddings are rising in popularity (up to 11% compared to 9% the previous year), the chilly, dreary weather means most people are opting for others. December has the additional disadvantage of being full of holidays, which most people tend to avoid when picking a wedding date. New Year’s Eve weddings are a popular choice, though!


#8 February

The month of love is actually the least popular month to get married in. February accounted for just 3% of all weddings in 2022. Between high floral prices, icy weather, and winter blues, getting married during this month might not be as love-filled as you expect.


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