6 Tips for the Perfect Christmas Proposal

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, so why not make it even more special by asking your special someone to marry you. A Christmas proposal can be great: you’ll have a festive backdrop, holiday cheer, and people you love around. But there are a few things you should keep in mind to help you nail your Christmas proposal!


Double Check It’s Alright

While you might think a holiday engagement sounds super romantic, your potential future spouse might not. Before you get down on one knee around the Christmas tree, make sure they’re okay with a holiday proposal. As we always say- a proposal should be a surprise, an engagement should not. If you’re talking about marriage, ask your future spouse some basic questions like would they be okay with a holiday, do they want family around, public vs private, etc.


Also, Christmas is a time for family, so before you make the holiday all about your love, make sure any family or friends that will be a part of your plans are okay with it as well. The last thing you want to do is have your happy moment overshadowed because everyone is upset you took over the holiday.


Time it Correctly

Timing is everything when it comes to marriage proposals. Christmas is already a stressful time, even with all the holiday cheer. Before you pop the question, make sure all the holiday tasks are already taken care of- gifts bought, food cooked, travel plans made, etc. You definitely won’t want to be worried about all that while trying to enjoy being newly engaged!


Involve Family & Friends

Christmas is a family holiday, one all about sharing joy. Take advantage of being around all your loved ones by involving them. They can either be there when you ask the question or if you want that moment to be more intimate, you can arrange a video call or dinner for afterward. Just make sure they know to keep their lips sealed!


Use Festive Décor & Backdrop

One of the major advantages of a Christmas proposal is that you already have a beautifully decorated surroundings! A decked-out tree, fresh snow, twinkling lights, a roaring fireplace- there are so many beautiful festive backdrops to propose in front of. Before you pop the question, make sure you think about what will be in the background of any photos.


Don’t Cheese it Up

Holiday proposals, especially Christmas ones, are highly polarizing. Some people love them, but other people find them tacky. No matter where you stand on that, if you’re aiming for a Christmas engagement, don’t cheese it up too much. The holidays will do that enough for you, don’t feel the need to add to it! While wrapping the ring up under the tree is cute, hiring a group of carolers pushes it too far.


Book Photographer Ahead of Time

If you want a professional photographer there to capture the moment, you’ll have to book ahead of time. Photographers take time off for the holidays too, so if you’re proposing on Christmas day you may have to pay premium rates. It’s worth it though! You’ll definitely want a wedding photographer there to capture the moment you propose. These photos will be used for years to come.


Are you looking to propose on Christmas? Contact AGI Studio today! Our team of experienced, award-winning wedding photographers is ready to capture your special, holiday engagement!

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