What to Include in your Wedding Video

Hiring a wedding videographer is a great way to capture your big day so that you can share it and relive it for years to come. But what exactly should you include in your wedding video? You’ll want your wedding videographer to capture all the key moments to include them in the video. Here are some must-have shots to include.


Getting Ready

A wedding video is like a mini-feature film. It’s your own personal romantic movie! Like any good movie, your wedding video should have some build-up. Including some getting ready shots like the groom putting on his tux or the bride getting her makeup done is a great way to build-up to the big reveal and ceremony. Plus, it’s so fun to see the excitement and nerves on the bride and groom’s faces!


First Look

Whether you’re doing a separate first look before the ceremony or having the groom see the bride as she walks down the aisle, make sure your wedding videographer captures it. There’s something so sweet about the way a groom’s eyes light up at the sight of his decked-out bride. You can even include some first look shots of the bride’s parents and bridesmaids seeing her as well!



One of the great things about a wedding video that wedding pictures can’t offer is audio. Including your wedding vows means you can re-watch and remember exactly what you two promised each other for years. The vows are what makes a wedding a wedding, so including them is so important, and it’s something wedding pictures never could capture.


Wedding Party & Family

The wedding day is of course about the two people getting married, but it’s also about merging two lives together, which usually include family and friends. Including some shots of your family and wedding party is a way of acknowledging the part they played in your wedding and life. It’s a good idea to toss some shots of guests arriving and smiling as well!


Venue & Décor

Most people focus on the bride and groom, but most of the wedding budget actually goes towards things like the venue, flowers, food, décor, and more. Ask your wedding videographer to capture some B-roll of things like the venue all decorated, the table set up, the DJ/musicians, and more. That way you’ll capture the entire experience of the wedding.


First Kiss

The first kiss is one of the most iconic moments of any wedding. Even if it’s not your first kiss ever, it’s the first one as a married couple! All good wedding videographers and photographers know to capture this, but help them get a good shot by following a few tips like doing multiple small kissing and lingering.



Don’t send your wedding videographer home once the ceremony is done. Have them capture the reception as well! Include things like toasts, cake cutting, first dance, father-daughter dance, games, and more.


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