7 Key Wedding Moments Your Wedding Photographer Should Capture

Weddings are special events, full of amazing moments from the big, highly celebrates ones to the small intimate ones. A good wedding photographer knows not only which moments to capture but positions themselves so that they are able to beautifully do so. Each couple has their own shot list, but here are some key wedding moments you’ll want to ensure your wedding photographer captures.


The Dress Reveal

While brides often bring along their bridesmaids and close female family members to pick out their dress, it’s a magical moment when you first see a bride fully decked out for her wedding. Our photographers love capturing the awe of the bride’s closest family and friends when they see how beautiful she is in her dress.


Dress Reveal Wedding Photography


The First Look

Nothing is more special than the look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time. It’s such an intimate, emotional moment that you’ll definitely want it captured. Whether you decide to do a first look before the ceremony or wait to do it as you walk down the aisle, make sure your photographer is ready to shoot this special moment!


First Look Wedding Photography


The First Kiss

Most couples these days don’t save their first-ever kiss for their wedding day, but the first kiss as a married couple is one moment that can never be repeated. Wedding photographers know that this is one key moment they have to capture and will position themselves to get a great shot.


First Kiss Wedding Photography


The Entrance & First Dance

After the ceremony, there’s the reception, which is where all of your guests will celebrate your love. Whether you do a grand entrance or just walk in, there is guaranteed to be cheering. Most entrances are quickly followed by the traditional first dance. Make sure you ask your photographer to capture these two moments so that you can look back on all of the love and support you have.


First Dance Wedding Photography


The Cake Cutting

These days a lot of couples are opting to diversify the dessert options. Instead of cake, they might have cupcakes, donuts, or a sweets tables. Most couples still opt for one cake though so that they can do a cake cutting ceremony.


Cake Cutting Wedding Photography


The Bouquet & Garter Toss

Not all wedding moments are emotional! It’s important that your wedding photographer captures the fun moments as well like the bridal bouquet toss and the garter toss. These funny traditions are great, and it’s wonderful to shoot all of the smiling guests.


Bouquet and Garter Toss Wedding Photography


The Exit

The only thing that tops a grand entrance is a great exit. After spending the day committing to your love and celebrating it, many brides and grooms are happy to slip away for some quiet time. Many couples end the event with a bang by having a decorated or cool getaway car or having a grand send-off like sparklers or even fireworks!


Exit Send Off Wedding Photography


If you need a photographer for your Toronto wedding, contact us today. Our wedding photographers are experienced and skilled in capturing all of the important moments at weddings, and we’d love to capture your special day.


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